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Mattel Monster High Sweet 1600 Clawd Wolf Doll Review

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We’re at it again! Mrs. Pixel and myself are back with another casual look at one of Mattel’s very popular Monster High dolls. Today, we’re looking at Clawd Wolf from the Sweet 1600 series!

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  • He-Maniac says:

    Why are toy companies fastening these dolls through the back of the head? I purchased some Disney princesses for my 3 yr old daughter which were fastened by the head. It leaves little plastic pokers in the hair.

    Hope you enjoy your new Monster High dolls Dan! Make some space next to your MOTU classics. Cute.


    • Pixel Dan says:

      Yeah, I have no idea why they do that. I'm glad Christina brought it up, becuase I had completely forgotten about it. But it's rather annoying having those two pieces of plastic poking out through his hair like that.

      • Lovable-Bill says:

        Yeah I have got in the habit of pulling them through as far as possible when they are still on the cardboard and then cutting them. Once cut I push them in the head. The reason they do that is to secure the head so it doesn't get messed up in transit.

  • Ron says:

    Oh no… please enough with monster high males… This 1600 version of clawd wolf looks much more GAY than the first one did in the 2-pack with draculaura and I thought that were'nt possible… Just show us new females from monster high 😀

    About this plastic problem. Yes that sucks. I cut them off with a scissor on the backside and pressing the head as much as possible to cut the most of this *peeeeep* plastic.

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