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I’ve been MIA for nearly 2 weeks. Here’s why.

Wondering why there have been no new toy reviews, Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness episodes, or Geek Easy Podcasts the last week and a half? Well, the good news is that I’m fine, and my family is fine. The bad news is, well, let me explain what we’ve been dealing with here at Pixel Dan Studios…




  • Dolfanar says:

    Hey Dan. This sucks. I had something similar happened a couple years ago. I had some diamond Star Trek carded figures that needed to be un-carded. Curious if your insurance is covering any of your collectibles?

    BTW covering a basement floor with anything is just a losing proposition. A friend recommended just doing a waterproof seal on the concrete with a colored dye… anyway take care dude!

  • M4n4t4rms says:

    Holy sh… , aside from the financial aspect thats´s a lot of work cleaning this mess.
    See it through dude…

  • jaelwyd says:

    Totally sucks dude. Same thing happened to us last year and our carpet had to be taken out too. It was a real pain waiting for things to dry with giant fans running. Especially since that's where our tv was and my son's play area. So I feel you. Good luck getting things back to normal.

  • platypusrex82 says:

    You could feel the air go out of the internet at 5:13. That's terrible, man. My basement's generally pretty dry, but the plumbing backed up twice and we still don't know what caused it however it was small potatoes compared to what you're going through. My heart goes out to you as a homeowner and a collector. Glad the Pixel Clan is safe and healthy!

  • Jdabrew says:

    Dan I feel your pain!!! I live in Detroit and was hit with a huge storm as well. My collection is also in the basement. Unfortunately about 95% of it is MOC. I lost about half of it since the water went up three feet. Good news is I was able to open all the figures and keep them because it was not sewage only rain water. I've been a long time follower and enjoy all the reviews you've done. Again I feel your pain and glad to hear your family is doing well!

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