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Eon Quest Series 2 & 3 Preview

I recently told you about the cool new Eon Quest Kickstarter campaign that is still under way. Jon Wesley Huff, the man behind Eon Quest, has provided an update to showcase plans for Series 2 & 3 of the line if it is funded! Click on through to see what this awesome looking toy line has in store!

From Jon Wesley Huff:

Hello everyone!

Some of the feedback from the Survey Monkey Survey about the Kickstarter was that people would like to know more about what future waves/series in the line might be like. So, I thought I’d give you a look at what was planned after Series 1. Series 2 and 3 were pretty well developed, partially because the heroes made up a good amount of the slots. Turnarounds for all the heroes already exist. I have sketches for most of the rest, but I’ll just tease them with name and descriptions for now. I might do turnarounds of them just for fun and post them later, if people are interested.

 Series 2: 

Lord Eon™ – Warrior Ruler of the Ninth Galaxy. The main man himself! He’d be cast in translucent blue plastic with silver accessories and a cloth blue cape.

03b6ec8151796ed2754d00c410a8956d_largeBoostar™ – Rocket Warrior of Centrus. Boostar would feature a rocket pack with fold-out wings and two heads (human and helmeted looks.) My plan was to either cast the helmeted head  in translucent red plastic or have an insert in translucent red to give his visor a cooler appearance.

b2b1e9857d1e832fc91082687980c59a_largeTri-Brain™ – World Conquering Triple-Threat. Tri-Brain featured a glow in the dark brain divided into three discrete sections, each with a diffent personality. As you spun his brain around, different eye-ball shapes would appear in his eye socket, signifying those personalities.

 Ominoptix™ – Mysterious Laser-Blasting Android. Omnioptix is a servant of the “Mystery Enemy” – someone you’ll learn a bit more about over the course of the first five mini-comics. No one is quite sure what the mystery enemy’s goals are in the conflict between Negalith and Lord Eon.

 Slimeoid™ – Slime-filled Mechanoid Henchman. This would be a re-cast of the Magmoid, but with green translucent plastic and new weapons to add to the “Oid” armory.

Series 3:  

Lady Lune™ – Shining Queen of the Nightstar Dominion. Lune would be cast in glow-in-the-dark material, with a removable helmet, armor and mace.

c7d47a04d784947eb1481494c7f058fc_largeAlchemris™ – High Priestess of Isera. Alchemris features a removable helmet, armor and staff with a translucent blue crystal on top. She would have a cloth cape.

cd7a65e8b759e35990af7745b89d1a12_largeLila Baron™ – Mysterious Mercenary from the Outer Rim. Lila features removable armor, bubble helmet, blaster, energy knife and energy sword. The knife and sword would be cast in translucent orange plastic with metallic paint.

4810af61d2e6ba75dd41c9695edd88d1_largeMystery Enemy – Shhhhhhhh. I can’t say much about this guy, other than his identity and name would be revealed here.

 Technoid™ – Tech-enhanced Mechanoid Henchman These guys would be similar to the Magmoid/Slimeoid, but would be all robot. They’d have a new robot head (and possibly body, I hadn’t decided) and their armor would be cast in translucent red plastic. They’d also feature new weapons to add to the “Oid” arsenal.


All of this sounds pretty awesome! So if you’re like me and want to see these characters make it to plastic, we have to help the line get funded! Click on through to check out the current Kickstarter campaign!


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