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Mini Comics Included! campaign on Kickstarter introduces six all-new 80’s style mini comics

It seems like Kickstarter has been a great place as of late to give birth to some pretty amazing toy-related projects! I always try to do my best to spread the word on cool new projects I come across, which is exactly why I feel the need to tell you guys about Mini Comics Included!

Back in the 80’s, it wasn’t uncommon for an action figure to come with a mini comic that told you a story about your new action figure. Sectaurs, Super Naturals, and of course Masters of the Universe are but a few of the toy lines I specifically remember getting mini comics with.

Well thanks to the awesome talents of Tim Seeley, Steve Seeley, and Michael Moreci we now have the opportunity to get six all-new mini comics done in that 80’s style!

Michael was nice enough to give Pixel-Dan.com some information on this awesome new project! Click on through to get the scoop!

From Michael Moreci:

“Basically, Mini Comics Included is an enterprise spearheaded by Tim Seeley, Steve Seeley, and me. The core of the project is our love of mini comics, the kind that came with toys back in the day. We love those things and feel like they have so much value–they were the building blocks of our careers as storytellers, after all. But, less personally, they represent a time when comics were fun–crazy, imaginative, weird, and, again, simple fun. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of fun comics out there, but there’s kind of a stink on the idea. I think everyone is so worried about the medium being taken seriously that the only way to do so is to be deadly serious all the time. So this is an experiment for Tim, Steve, and I–what comics would we make free of any constraint? Crazy mini comics!

We’ve wanted to do a Kickstarter for some time now, but a worthy project never clicked. We didn’t want to do just another comic; seemed pointless. What we were looking for was something unique, something we couldn’t do elsewhere. That’s where Mini Comics Included comes from–something we all love but couldn’t do through traditional means.

We have six comics in all–Superbeasts (Tim and artist Clint Hilinski), Colt Noble (Tim and Clint again), Literary Commandos (Steve and I with artist Paul Tucker), Omega Family (same as Commandos), Dead Star Divas (Tim and artist Sean Dove), and Prime-8s (Steve and I with artist Brent Schoonover).

Six comics for $15–that’s a steal. Oh, and the toys! Duh. We have amazing toys from, as you know, terrific creators. Bog-Nar, Galaxxor, DraculaMan (from Tim’s Superbeasts), and Murder (a character from Steve’s and my series, Hoax Hunters). They’re so damn cool and totally, 100% in the spirit of what we’re doing here.”

Sounds awesome to me! In fact, I’ve already backed this campaign!

For more information and to back it yourself to get some sweet new Mini Comics and maybe even a cool custom toy, click here to check out Mini Comics Included on Kickstarter!


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  • eddie3429 says:

    Colt Noble is the best he-man parady work there is bar none, i love the beastman character that is a hero but because he looks and sounds like a villain the heros beat him up with the other evil doers , hope this gets up off the ground as i want more colt

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