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BBTS cancels all figma Link pre-orders

For anyone who pre-ordered the figma Legend of Zelda Link figure from BigBadToyStore.com, you should be receiving an e-mail notice letting you know that your order is unfortunately being cancelled.

While this is certainly terrible news, it’s worth noting that this is out of BBTS’ control. It appears that Diamond Comics Distribution has failed to secure the licensing needed to bring the figma Link to North America.

If you had your Link pre-ordered with BBTS, you may want to hurry up and start seeking alternate means of securing this figure. BBTS says they will keep all pre-orders open just in case they find an alternate way to fufill them, but point out that it does not look good. If figma Samus showed us anything, it’s that these Nintendo figma’s will sell out and then get pretty pricey on the after market. So don’t delay in finding another one to purchase before it’s too late!

Full announcement from BBTS after the jump.

Hi – Diamond Comics Distribution has just informed us that they have failed to secure the licensing needed to bring the Max Factory Link Figma into North America.    Diamond has completely cancelled all orders for the Link Figma for all retailers and distributors in North America, including a massive order placed by BBTS.    We are extremely upset with them because they are forcing us to disappoint you and so many other people on this item.    Diamond officially solicited this item to us back in September and our orders have been in place with them for months, this news was shocking and extremely disappointing to us.    Diamond apparently did not have the licensing deal fully worked out at the time of solicitation and in the past few months some sort of problem arose and the deal with Nintendo could not be worked out.    We wanted to let you know about this as quickly as possible so you can try to secure an order with international/other vendors.
We have quickly checked with several distributors in Japan, and all of them are completely sold out, as is Max Factory.   We are going to explore more options on possible supplies around the world, but at this point it honestly does not look good.   We will leave all preorders open in the meantime in case we can find some sort of solution.
We again are extremely sorry about this, we did not expect Diamond to fail us on this item.
Sincerely, Joel Boblit President http://www.bigbadtoystore.com




  • @lovablebill says:

    More reasons to go through Japanese sites like Amiami or Hobby Link Japan for items outside of the country.

    • Mark Vasquez says:

      I always do this, even when I buy from my store I try to buy directly from JP even if it increases the cost of the product. Its just more reliable to deal with the source on things like this. I am not surprised at all Diamond botched it, it won't be the last time as they get crappier every year. If its not things like this its overselling their solicitations which force hectic issues in the supply chain when they demand more product over other legitimate retail.

  • phil says:

    I wanna laugh really badly. I didn't get either, but I can feel bad for people who want one, seeing how Nintendo could easily make GSC produce more, seeing how there is a larger foreign fanbase, i.e america, but rather chose to keep it limited, knowing they don't have to ask people to buy them or pay a subscription fee. Its like hasbro making cheap weaponizers, there being a few good ones, while takara makes microns/minicons as well as molds hasbro chose not to release, breakdown, jetcon. wth is up with the american market? can't there be a western company that make imitation figmas, revoltechs but like, knock offs or something? Someone could make a toy like link be rename it something else. I dont know what Im typing.

  • Patrick says:

    Does anyone have any good ideas where to get these now?

  • Mark Vasquez says:

    You can try 1999.co.jp or jbox.com as well. There are plenty of middle men services in Japan that can get you the figure for a decent price. Its pretty easy to order from Japan, its just shipping can be kinda steep, if you don't mind waiting the cheaper shipping takes about 5-7 weeks but is a decent alternative to the EMS options most import stores in JP use

  • Sebastian says:

    Hello Dan! Are you getting the figure for review?

    • Pixel Dan says:

      I was going to get one from BBTS, but with the recent news I had to place my order elsewhere. So as soon as I have one, I'll review it!

  • JKM says:

    I noticed that at AmiAmi the Figma figures all have a remark "For sale in Japan only.".
    Other products do not have this remark.
    Does AmiAmi not ship Figmas outside of Japan, either?

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Well, I ordered one from AmiAmi today, so we'll see what happens!

    • Nick says:

      I do believe the remark "For sale in Japan only" refers to the location it was sold in. Samus has the same remark and I order both of them from AmiAmi. I received my Samus with no problem….waiting on my Link to arrive.

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