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TMNT Rat King, Cockroach Terminator, and Stealth Tech Turtles images from Playmates

Playmates Toys was kind enough to send along images of the next figures coming out in the Nickeldoeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line, including the Rat King, Cockroach Terminator, and the new Stealth Tech Turtles! On top of that, they’ve got a pretty sweet stop-motion animation featuring the TMNT action figures! Click through to check it all out!

Check out the full gallery below to see images of the upcoming action figures!

So, what do you guys think? Personally, both Rat King and Cockroach Terminator are a must. After seeing him in the new cartoon, I’m really digging Rat King’s new look. And Cockroach Terminator was from a really fun episode. So those are certainly on my list!

But how about those new Turtle variants known as the Stealth Tech Turtles? Do you like those better than the Ooze Flingers that seem to be sitting on all store pegs right now?

If you want a closer look at all of these figures, you can check out my video coverage from the 2013 New York Toy Fair!



  • DrKrasus says:

    Love love love the new nick series, donatellos voice is still fairly disorienting. I dont know why they brought back the voice of Raph as the voice of Donatello. He should have just resumed his old character.
    as for the toys, cockroach looks like a ben 10 figure, in guessing its a distinctive Nick look, and as he was my favourite character and toy in the classics,i am not a fan of the new rat king look. Sad to say these wont be on my to buy list. Now if a rat king comes out alongside bebop and rocksteady in the classics wave 2… Im all over that!

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Oh yeah, a Classics version of Rat King would be amazing!

      I didn't really like the new look for Rat King at first either. But after I saw the episode with him in it, I changed my mind. I really like the "creepiness" of this new version. I think the only thing I'd change is that hat. It's definitelly a little too Cad Bane for my tastes. 🙂 But otherwise, I'm cool with it.

  • Master_Beas says:

    I am a huge fan of the new show and toys as well. I will at least get the Rat King and Scum Bug… I mean Cockroach Terminator. I will only get the stealth figures if they have better articulation than the Ooze Thrower ones. Now for a question Pixel Dan and other fans what TMNT Figure would you like to see as a Classic and or as an Update for the new show. I know one most likely for Pixel Dan will be Mutangen Man. For me I would Love to see Wingnut and Screwloose as a Classic and an Update. He was one of my favorite toys as a kid. Number 2 would most likely be Scratch just because he is such a rare figure I would love to see him in the Classic Line.

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