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The Geek Easy Podcast – Ep. 017 – Guardians of the Galaxy

Dan and Jonathan are back, and there is much geekery to discuss!


First, the biggest nerd event of the year just wrapped up, and Pixel Dan was there…though he probably missed everything that happened there. So Jonathan and Dan both catch up with the events that took place at San Diego Comic Con, both on the toy and movie sides!

Then, it’s time to talk about one of the most bizarre and utterly awesome comic book movies ever released: Guardians of the Galaxy!

Marvel is just killing it, aren’t they?


Oh, and when you’re done with the episode and you have some extra money to spend, then go buy yourself some awesome toys at Nerd Rage Toys!

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  • rankinman says:

    woo hop, can't wait to listen. Any chance on Cap and Spidey coming?

  • rankinman says:

    Great Podcast guys, but, It was Baron Von Strucker for the love of all that is holy. I loved the movie and thought that this was the Marvels Star Wars as well. It just felt different in all the best ways. I think I was the only one in the theater that got the Howard the Duck part, even my buddy I went to see it with went, "Who the heck is that?" I had to spend about 20 minutes explaining it and pointing out why I have the figure that came with my Marvel Legends Silver Surfer sitting on my Avengers shelf. I didn't know about the rights to the Skrulls belonging to Fox. That sucks, they should just give everything back to Marvel and let DC rip off the formula and everyone will be happy and they will make a TON of money. Can't wait for the next episode guys, I love listening to you guys and tinkering with my collection.

  • TMC1984 says:

    great show!!! …

    and WOW! – what a movie … i saw this in 3D and it was phenomenal, i had low expectations and they were just blown away … the soundtrack added a whole different dimension to this movie – and because i loved most of the songs already, it was so cool to hear them and it really intertwined well with the story and narrative …

    oddly enough, my girlfriend had heard of GOTG before through the 80s cartoon, and i hadn't! … that was a first!!! haha … 🙂

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