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He-Man.org’s SDCC Power Party – Las call for VIP access!

I wanted to give a quick reminder to everyone who is attending San Diego Comic Con this week that time is running out to purchase your VIP tickets to the He-Man.org Power Party!

The Power Party is a gathering of He-Man and She-Ra fans that takes place this Friday night at Hennessey’s in San Diego! It’s a great chance to mingle with fellow fans, listen to some great music from an 80’s cover band, have some food and a few drinks, and just have a great time!

General admission is free, but if you purchase a VIP ticket you’ll gain access to the speakeasy, enjoy some free finger foods, and get 5 drink tickets!

You can purchase your VIP tickets here: http://www.he-man.org/news_article.php?id=2484

Hope to see many of you there! It’s going to be a great time!

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MOTU Classics Mosquitor Teaser #9

Well, the taunts keep coming. Today I received an e-mail that simply said “Maybe you should chill out…” and had this picture attached:

What, so ToyGuru is Arnie Mr. Freeze now? Poor Mosquitor is completely frozen in a block of ice! Even still, we get to see some new details here. We can see those extra insect appendages high on his back. It also appears that he does not have the blood tanks on his back, unless they are just not plugged in right now. But if he has them, it makes me wonder how they would even fit on his back with those insect legs.

Nice shot of Frosta in the foreground here too. Scott’s obviously playing out some sort of fantasy of his. 😉

Big Bad Toy Store

Pixel Dan’s Top Ten Must Have SDCC 2012 Exclusives

Each year at San Diego Comic Con, the toy companies release a ton of limited edition, expensive, drool worthy exclusive toys that us nerds wait in outrageously long lines just to add to our collections.

Join me as I count down my personal Top Ten must have exclusives from this years upcoming San Diego Comic Con 2012!

Video after the jump!

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MOTU Classics Mosquitor Teaser #8

Well, ToyGuru has fired back! I just received another image with the words “We’ve only just begun…”

Poor Mosquitor is tied to a grill! Ack! But HEY LOOK….MOSQUITOR’S GUN!

Big Bad Toy Store
Big Bad Toy Store
Big Bad Toy Store

TMNT Night Shadow Leonardo figure comes to SDCC

You might have caught word about this interesting looking repaint of the upcoming Leonardo figure from Playmates Toys. Images of this figure randomly popped up on the official Playmates website with the words “Out of Stock,” and no explanation of exactly where or when this would be made available, if at all.

I saw many posts guessing that this would be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. But other sites were reporting that this figure would be available in the Fall. With no official word from Playmates, I decided to go straight to the source. I e-mailed Playmates directly and asked for any information on this figure. I received an immediate response from Paula Billingsley at Playmates toys:

“This figure will be available at Comic Con only at this point, and will retail for around $20.00. Leonardo is the only one being made.”

So there you go, ladies and gents! Looks like we’ve got ourselves an awesome looking, official TMNT exclusive at this year’s SDCC! This jumps up my list to being the exclusive I am now most excited about!

UPDATE: Playmates also just confirmed with me that this figure will be sold at the Nickelodeon Booth.

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MOTU Classics Mosquitor Teaser #5

ToyGuru responded to my costume teaser video I posted this morning by sending me a 5th tiny teaser image for the upcoming Masters of the Universe Mosquitor figure! He really does know how to torture me…

This image appears to be a shot of the figure from the side. This seems to confirm that our assumptions about him having the extra insect appendages are correct, as it looks like that’s what we have stuck to his back there. You can also see what may be a piece of his shoulder pad, which seems to be a light brown like the gloved hand we already saw.

I can imagine this will be the last teaser image that is sent, as the entire figure will finally be revealed on Friday July 13th and the Mattypalooza panel at SDCC! I hope anyone who is going understands that I absolutely will not be able to hold in my excitement when that reveal happens. 🙂

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The Round-Up: SDCC Exclusive-palooza!

San Diego Comic Con is very quickly approaching! With that, as always, comes a slew of limited addition, pricey, must-have-because-we-can’t-resist exclusive toys! So naturally, that’s the main focus of this week’s Round-Up.






  • Speaking of Matty, the MattyPalooza panel is Friday the 13th at noon EST. Mattel will be revealing new figures for next year, including MOTUC Mosquitor! On top of that, they are introducing a brand new subscription line for next year. Any guesses on what it might be? My money is on Back to the Future…but that’s just a guess.

That wraps it up for now! i’m sure there will be more SDCC tidbits as we get closer to the show. If so, I’ll post them here! Stay tuned!

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