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The Video Game Years – 1987 Pt 1 – Legend of Zelda, Wizards & Warriors, PacMania, Leisure Suit Larry

The Video Game Years is back! 1987 was a huge year and part 1 shows Zelda, Wizards & Warriors, the somewhat forgettable PacMania and the infamous Leisure Suit Larry. Plus Eric’s What Shoulda Been a Video Game. It’s The Video Game Years and 1987 will rock you like a hurricane.

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K’Nex Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Blind Bag Mini Figure Opening and Review

Join Pixel Dan as he opens up a few more of the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures K’Nex Blind Bags!

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From Pixels to Plastic: Gooage Spewing Giant Pac-Man by Bandai

GOOD NEWS! That Pac-Man figure that we’ve always wanted is finally here thanks to Bandai! Join Pixel Dan for a look at the first Pac-Man toy ever to vomit!

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The Videocade Commentaries – Ep. 021 – Christmas Comes to Pac-Land

Happy Holidays! Let’s geek out over some more video game cartoon Christmas Specials!

Join Pixel Dan, Ito, and Past Tense Eric for a viewing of 1982′s Christmas Comes to Pac-Land! That’s right, the first-ever video game cartoon series had a Christmas special…and it’s pretty fun!

So grab your power pellet cocoa and cozy up for some Videocade Commentaries goodness!

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K’Nex Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Series 1 Blind Bag Mini Figure Video Review

Based on the brand new cartoon Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, K’Nex has a new line of Pac-Toys in stores now! Join me as I open up a Series 1 Blind Bag mini figure!

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The Videocade Commentaries – Ep. 012 – Pac-Man (Pilot Episode)

Nom Nom Nom. Hope you’re ready to monch on a new Videocade Commentaries episode! This time around, Pixel Dan, the commentator formerly known as Ito, and Eric Man are watching the pilot episode of the cartoon that basically started video game cartoons! So grab a handful of power pellets, it’s time for Hanna-Barbera’s Pac-Man!

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New Pac-Man Toys?! Why not?!

ToyNewsI.com has posted some pictures of the new Pac-Man toyline coming from Bandai based on the upcoming new cartoon series Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

While it’s admittedly pretty cool to see both a new cartoon series and toy line based off of this classic video game character, there is one specific figure in this line that has really caught my attention. The Gooage Spewing Gigantic Pac! That’s actually what it’s called. Here’s the description:

Gross goo & ghost eyeballs spewing action just like on the show! Drop the goo in, press down on Pac’s head and check out the goo spewing action! With Gooage Spewing Gigantic Pac-Man the “grossly” adventures never end.

“Spewing action just like in the show?!?!?!” What kind of cartoon is this?

Yeah…I’ll probably buy it…

Click here to see all of the new figures and news at ToyNewsI.com!


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From Pixels to Plastic: Pac-Man Board Game

Pixel Dan returns to his roots, with an all-new From Pixels to Plastic! In this episode, Dan takes a look at the Pac-Man Board game released by Milton Bradley in 1982!

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