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From Pixels to Plastic: Mega Man X Figuarts Zero Sigma by Bandai Japan Tamashii Nations

Let’s add some major villains to the Mega Man X D-Arts collection! From Bandai Tamashii Nations comes the incredible Figuarts Zero Sigma!

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The Videocade Commentaries – Ep. 015 – Mega Man (Mega X)

It’s time once again! Join Mega Dan, Ito the Jerk, and ID10T Eric as they gather together for another viewing of the Mega Man animated series! In this crazy episode, the original Blue Bomber teams up with his future counterpart: Mega Man X! Or, at least some guy cosplaying as Mega Man X. FIGHTING SAVES THE WORLD!

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From Pixels to Plastic: Mega Man X D-Arts Vile by Bandai Japan

The Mega Series continues on! Today, Pixel Dan takes a look at the first villain to hit the Mega Man X D-Arts line-up! Check out the evil reploid known as Vile!

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From Pixels to Plastic: Mega Man X D-Arts Zero Type 1 by Bandai Japan

P2P rolls right along with the MEGA series, as I take a look at the action figure based on Zero’s first appearance in the Mega Man X games! It’s the incredibly awesome D-Arts Type 1 Zero from Bandai and Tamashii Nations!

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From Pixels to Plastic: Mega Man X D-Arts All Armor X by Bandai Japan

The MEGA series continues as Pixel Dan takes a look at another incredibly cool Mega Man X themed action figure from Bandai Japan’s D-Art figure line! This time around, it’s the suped up version of X known as the All Armor version!

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From Pixels to Plastic: Mega Man X D-Arts Metallic Exclusive by Bandai Japan

I hope you guys are ready for a MEGA dose of the Blue Bomber! Kicking off a series of episodes all about the amazing line of D-Arts Mega Man action figures, Pixel Dan takes a look at the SDCC Metallic Exclusive version of Mega Man X! Mega Mega!

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D-Arts Mega Man X Figure Limited Reissue

If you missed out on the incredibly cool D-Arts Mega Man X action figure, then you’ll be very happy to learn that Bandai Japan is doing a limited reissue!

In response to popular demand, Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited re-issue of the popular D-Arts Mega Man X.

With over 15 years of history the Mega Man series continues to engage fans across various platforms. Now Mega Man will D-Arts advanced action figure series with Mega Man X. Figure set includes a full array of buster effect parts, including rotating effect parts. Figure also includes interchangeable face partsx2, as well as interchangeable hand and arm parts. Figure comprised of composite ABS, PVC, and POM materials for enhanced detail, durability, and articulation.

This is easily one of the very best Mega Man figures ever made, so I’d recommend jumping on this pre-order before it’s gone again! You can pre-order him right now at BigBadToyStore.com. Just click here, then head to their pre-orders section!

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SDCC 2012: Bandai Japan D-Arts Mega Man X

Bandai Japan had a terrific display set-up for their line of Mega Man X D-Arts figures. Notable in this display were figures of the villain Sigma, as well as a large mech suit for Mega Man to ride in!

There was no information posted on these two items, so I spoke with a rep at the Bandai Japan booth.

He explained that as of right now, both items are just prototypes. They are working on licensing for these, so they do hope to actually release them. But for now, they need to hear the fan response on these two items.

So, what do you think? Do you want a Sigma or Mech Suit for your D-Arts Mega Man X figures? If so, spread the word and make it heard!

Click through to check out the gallery!

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