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Steve Spengler Science Insta-Snow Video Review

This is DAY 10 of the 2012 Toy Review Advent Calendar!

It’s not the typical type of toy that Pixel Dan reviews, but it’s certainly holiday specific…so why not?!

Join Pixel Dan as he CREATES SNOW! Or, at least, something that sort of resembles snow…





  • AlphaTrion says:

    Put the whole test tube in the water! I wanna see explosions!!!!!!

  • He-Maniac says:

    If I want snow I'll walk out my front door. What's wrong with you Dan! Everyone is gonna want you to dump the whole thing in water! How did you not wanna dump it all in a big container of water! Aaarrrgh! Madness! 😉

    • AlphaTrion says:

      yes!!!!! Dump the whole thing!!!!!!! I want to see a blizzard of fake snow in your studio Dan. Do it!!!!!!!!! Do it NOW!!!!!!!! It's Christmas for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!! Santa would want you too!!!!!!!!! At least do it as a grand avent finale.

  • -Raccon- says:

    Come on Dan, grow a pair. You can't tease us with the promise of 12 ounces of fake snow and not deliver. Dump the whole vial into a bowl and then add the water. I want to see snowplosions!

  • jzid says:

    What does it feel like and can you make it into a snow ball?

  • Thomas says:

    You either show us a video where you dump all the snow in water while laughing in the face if god and science or you don’t make the video. That’s the deal.

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