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Star Wars Vintage Collection TPM Darth Maul Figure Review

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From Hasbro’s Star Wars Vintage Collection comes this action figure from Episode I: The Phantom Menace! Join me for a look at Darth Maul! Video after the jump!






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  • Just an FYI for everyone: Every one of these Darth Mauls that I've seen (including the one Dan reviewed) is packed with his belt on backwards. If you look at any stills from the movie (or older figures), you'll notice that it's not on right. This is easy to fix as it just spins around, and it looks a lot better after you do so, as the sculpt flows better.

    Also, the hilt of his lightsaber hangs a LITTLE better after you move it (but not by much, as the shirt still gets in the way).

    Anyway, I agree that this is an awesome figure. I bought three here and there (just at random, I don't hunt for toys anymore) and used two for customs. It's just worth noting that his belt needs twisting around 🙂

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