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SDCC 2012: WEP Voltron Interview with Jeremy Corray

I met up with Jeremy Corray from World Event Productions at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con to discuss Voltron!

Word of warning, we go way off topic many times! What can I say, Jeremy is a cool guy and we just had way too much fun with this interview!

But there is some good Voltron info in here, such as what to expect with the toy line, some info on the possible live action movie, and the future of the Voltron Force cartoon!

Video after the jump!




  • goldschool says:

    Great interview

  • Magneto76 says:

    I love seeing that you support the tshirt sites like Teefury, Shirtpunch and RiptApparel….I almost bought the NESman when I saw it on their site. Keep spreading the good word Dan…I need to pick m up one of those Comparison time shirts…

  • Jonwes says:

    Awesome interview! Jeremy is great.

  • philip northen says:

    voltron is dead, where are toys for the new show, and im talking about cheap toys not high end shit

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Mattel told me that there is no retail support for Voltron Force toys, currently. Also, with Jeremy telling me that a 2nd season of the Voltron Force cartoon not being set in stone, I think that means the chance of getting Voltron Force toys at all is VERY slim. This 23" Voltron is probably all we're going to get.

  • joe says:

    I can't doubt the WEP peeps love of Voltron, but man they really effed up with Voltron Force. It just looks so cheaply made and the stories and robeasts are weak in my opinion. Voltron fought a concert stage in an episode where it turned out Pidge was secretly the Skrillex of the Galaxy Alliance. A freaking stage! My nieces and nephews are ages 2-14 and they all thought the show was bad to the point they thought I was an idiot for liking Voltron in the first place. As for retail support, I can't believe Mattel can't get product in stores but Playmates can have the new TMNT figures, vehicles, and playsets out 2 months before the show debuts. BTW, picked up all 4 turtles last Saturday for 9 bucks each. They are awesome! The only bad thing is the rage I feel when I realize that Matty is charging me 15 bucks for their horrendous 3.75 Voltron pilots.

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