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Mattel Voltron Classics Green Lion and Pidge Figure Review

The third lion in Mattel’s massive Voltron Classics line is here! Join me for an early look at the left arm of Voltron, along with pilot Pidge!

This hefty video shows off all of the functions and features of the Green Lion and Pidge, shows how they compare to the previously released Mattel Lions and Pilots, and even several comparisons to past figures!

Video after the jump!



The Green Lion and Pidge will be available for purchase on MattyCollector.com on June 15th, 2012!

For more reviews, photos, and information on all things Voltron, be sure to check out GoVoltronForce.com!

Also check out the official Voltron site at Voltron.com!



  • Man-E-Fan1977 says:

    DiRT still hasn't done his Yellow Lion and Hunk review. I called him on that in this weeks "It Figures".

  • Burnin Saber says:

    i totally agree with you on the action feature. it's fine for the kiddies in a retail line, but really unnecessary for an online exclusive aimed at adult collectors, and I'm willing to bet cutting out the gimmick would have shaved off a little bit of the price too. Those stupid spring legs are the only drawback to what has been a pretty amazng line so far. i really hope that we get some more figures next year, as I really think they have been the pleasant surprise of line.

  • @srattigan says:

    MY son and I watched this review together and he's super excited to get his Green Lion this month.

  • thomas says:

    yup, the spring loaded gimmicks hurt this line. The gimmicks are what makes me believe this was a retail line first and when they could not get it into retail stores did it for matty instead.

  • Jesús Santillán says:

    sincerely, the quality in this action figures are good?
    greetings from México

  • Frequincy says:

    The spring legs really bum me out. Other then that, I'm happy to be getting these.

  • Brad says:

    The Pidge figure’s face looks so sloppily painted and those spring-loaded legs are simply annoying. I can’t believe Matty charges so much for these toys. I’m sure the completed Voltron will look magnificent, but when those legs start popping out and hundreds of dollars spent begins toppling towards destruction on your floor, it just won’t be worth it…

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Yep…those spring loaded legs are my least favorite thing about these, and it really makes me worry about the fully assembled Voltron.

  • Demon says:

    The paint on the toys is a joke. How can they say adult collector and then ship a poor quality toy at a steep price

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Is it the lack of details? If so, I agree. It is disappointing. I've been saying from the beginning that while I understand they are going for "cartoon accurate" with the simple paint jobs, I would prefer the shinier, more metallic details that the vintage toys gave us. Or the Toynami Voltron…I don't think any Voltron toy will ever be better than that Toynami Masterpiece Voltron.

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