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Rediscovering forgotten toys with PocketPowerToys.com

Thanks to a plug by my friend Poe Ghostal, I found this incredibly cool site that I felt I also needed to share. PocketPowerToys.com is a site dedicated completely to the Sega Pocket Power toyline that was released by Tyco in the late 80’s /early 90’s.

This is one of those toy lines that I had mostly forgotten all about, but always remember when I accidentally stumble upon pictures of the Thunder Blade Helicopter or the infamous Glo-Bones.

I remember always wanting many of these as a kid. Especially that Glo-Bones. Unfortunately, I never had him or most of the toys in this unique toy line. However, it turns out that I did have one, and I never even knew it was part of this line. At least, I didn’t remember that it was part of this line.

I have memories of this cool little Bowling game that could come apart and fold into a pocket-sized compact. When opened up, you had a small silver marble that acted as a bowling ball. You used a little chute to roll the ball down the lane at little plastic pins that were attached to the lane by a little swivel joint that allowed them to be able to be knocked down. I loved this thing as a kid, and remember carrying it everywhere, mostly just because I could.

I’m not sure what ever happened to it. Like many of the toys I had as a kid, I’m sure it was sold in a yard sale, given to Goodwill, or passed on to friends or younger family members as I was growing up.

In my collecting years, I have often had memories of this cool bowling toy pop into my head. I’ve had the urge to find this simple toy that apparently had enough impact on my childhood to make me still remember what it looks like vividly. Yet searches online had never turned up anything, and asking about it on message boards never seemed to yield any results.

Then I found PocketPowerToys.com. And there it is, listed in Series 3. The Bowling game I had as a kid.

It turns out that this is one of the more rare of the Pocket Power toys. Go figure. But at least now I know what it is, and what toy line it comes from. I now have a mission. I must find this Bowling Game! It’s now one of my “grails.”

PocketPowerToys.com is an incredibly well put togther site with a lot of information, photos, and video on many of the cool pieces from the Sega Pocket Power toyline. Check it out for a cool stroll down memory lane!



  • Southzen says:

    When I was a kid, I had the motorcycle; it was a well put together toy. The Flywheel was made out of metal, which gave it grEat momentum, and being such a small toy, it worked well.

  • Chroniklor says:

    Wow, those glo-bones look really cool! thanks dan!

  • siispeedaxel says:


  • jlhbenb says:

    Just so that any of you collectors know. I currently have 'Glo Bones' up for auction on Listia and it is a low GIN…He is complete, no package, but the little case and all of it's parts and my name on there is caliwildviolet. I would love for this little guy to go to someone who REALLY wants him, as I have had him since 1988 or 1989….thanks..

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