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Rediscovering forgotten toys with PocketPowerToys.com

Thanks to a plug by my friend Poe Ghostal, I found this incredibly cool site that I felt I also needed to share. PocketPowerToys.com is a site dedicated completely to the Sega Pocket Power toyline that was released by Tyco in the late 80’s /early 90’s.

This is one of those toy lines that I had mostly forgotten all about, but always remember when I accidentally stumble upon pictures of the Thunder Blade Helicopter or the infamous Glo-Bones.

I remember always wanting many of these as a kid. Especially that Glo-Bones. Unfortunately, I never had him or most of the toys in this unique toy line. However, it turns out that I did have one, and I never even knew it was part of this line. At least, I didn’t remember that it was part of this line.

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