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Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness Ep. 31 – So Many MORE Toys!

Two episodes in one week’s time?! We’re on a roll! That’s because our fans are INCREDIBLE! They spoil us!

Join Dan and Stina as they open up a ton of cool new toys, including:
-Koo Koo
-LEGO Mini Figures Series 10
-Trash Pack Series 3
-My Little Pony FIM
-Super Mario K’Nex
-and MUCH more!


Special thanks to Chris, Adam, and Master_Beas for sending in these awesome toys!

Check out Chris’ website: http://www.StoriesFromTheToyShelf.com



  • Ricky1980 says:

    Another great episode of BBMFM!

    Mr Gold is like limited to 5000 world wide. Medusa and the Bee Girl are rare, only 2 each per box, and they are 2 of the coolest from this wave.

  • PSenatro says:

    You singing the Winnie the Pooh theme song was the best part!!!

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