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NYCC: MOTU Classics Castle Grayskull and more revealed!

Toy New International has posted some great photos of the new Masters of the Universe Classics reveals from New York Comic Con! Among the reveals, Mattel has released the B Sheets for the upcoming Castle Grayskull playset, along with some information!

Notes from the Matty panel thanks to TNI:

-Grayskull will be up for pre-order on Fall 2012. $250 will be the pre-sale price. The B sheet will be the base. It could see more stuff but not less than what is shown here.

-Castle should have a place to put the Wind Raider to fit on it on the it. Will be bigger than the original.

-July 2013 will see Clamp Champ. With new armor.

-Qrtly Variant is New Adventures He-Man July 2013. With Ball Jointed wrist to hold sword.

More photos and information can be seen at Toy News Internationl!



  • Miss M says:

    Wow! This amazing news! The Grayskull images look cool. And I am so excited for Clamp Champ! Thanks for keeping me in the know Pixel-Dan.

  • He-Maniac says:

    $250! Big chunk of change. Shipping cost is gonna be ridiculous! So it's gonna be close to 300. Ugh! Greatest playset ever? Lets hope so, if I'm gonna drop that kind of dough!

  • Binks says:

    Absolute must have despite the $300 (w/ tax & ship) price tag!! This playlet will be epic!! The only negative is waiting a full year to display this bad boy Can't Wait!

  • Tiago says:

    I hope they say what's the international shipping cost when we make the pre-order. And since I live in Portugal, I'll be paying +25% to my dear goverment over the total cost!

  • Grayskull looks exactly as I wanted it to. I think that the castle will be the capper on my MOTUC collection, though. It's getting too pricey for me.

  • Feroz Nazir says:

    I don't understand why everybody that mentioned the heavy price tag for castle Grayskull gets a thumbs down.
    A lot of people just don't have that 250+ dollars in their toy budget and wasn't the price first estimated to be 150-200 dollars?

    The plans for the castle do look awesome and it really has the potential to be the greatest play set ever, especially with all these options to adjust the look of the castle.

    I really like the Clamp Champ and the NA He-man figures. I guess NA Skeletor can't be far behind?
    I think Karatti is the only figure revealed for 2013 that is not on my wish list.

    Will NA He-man come with his space helmet and armor or will it be another addition to a weapons pack?

  • Will says:

    The castle looks cool but there's still the chance of changes in the project on the go ( not necessarily bad changes but still), the chance of quality issues we won't know about until we get the castle (not so rare in this line) and so on…
    Also, $250 + ridiculous internationa shipping cost + additional 25% of customs duty (in my country)?
    It's Castle Grayskull and will probably look awesome but that would be an hell of an overall cost for a damn playset, I'm gonna pass on this one.

  • He-Maniac says:

    In lieu of a 2014 subscription I will be preordering the Castle Grayskull. It will be the perfect exclamation point to my collection.

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