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Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shellraiser Vehicle Review

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back! Along with a new animated series from Nickelodeon comes this brand new action figure line from Playmates Toys!

Join me for a look at this brand new line of action figures! Does it capture the same magic as the vintage line? Let’s check them out!

Next up, I take a look at the new version of the iconic Turtle vehicle! The new version of the Turtle Van is known as The Shellraiser! Is this a good vehicle? Tune in to find out!




  • PAT says:

    Awesome review ! Some guys around me really needed to see that for an eventual purchase. Thanks a lot !

  • Matt says:

    Amazing! Thank you for the review Dan. I was on the fence with this one and now after seeing this it has become a must buy. When are you going to review the new Turtle Sewer Playset?

  • Frequincy says:

    Awesome video. Want.

  • jlp2711 says:

    Question: Is there any steering wheel or controls in the front on either side of the ramp? I've never seen any pics of the inside and for some reason need to know if there is some way for the turtles to drive a TOY vehicle. I know I have problems.

    I'm also eagerly awaiting your review of new The Sewer Playset. Don't forget the other problem with the set besides the cost, where to put it 🙂 That thing is HUGE! That's my biggest problem / favorite thing about it. I'm still trying to find room to display the last 2 sewer playsets. Please remember to show some of the old TMNT figs on the new sewer set, bet they will look cool.

  • Jesús Santillán says:

    Awesome review.Hey Pixel,Do you return to your Childhood for a short moment?.:)

  • Craig says:

    "Turtlelly." Ha!!

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