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Mini Comics Included! campaign on Kickstarter introduces six all-new 80’s style mini comics

It seems like Kickstarter has been a great place as of late to give birth to some pretty amazing toy-related projects! I always try to do my best to spread the word on cool new projects I come across, which is exactly why I feel the need to tell you guys about Mini Comics Included!

Back in the 80’s, it wasn’t uncommon for an action figure to come with a mini comic that told you a story about your new action figure. Sectaurs, Super Naturals, and of course Masters of the Universe are but a few of the toy lines I specifically remember getting mini comics with.

Well thanks to the awesome talents of Tim Seeley, Steve Seeley, and Michael Moreci we now have the opportunity to get six all-new mini comics done in that 80’s style!

Michael was nice enough to give Pixel-Dan.com some information on this awesome new project! Click on through to get the scoop!

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