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MattyCollector Subscriptions are a GO! And Geldor is the MOTUC Fans Choice Winner!

It’s official! DC Club Inifnite Earths and MOTU  Club Eternia met their goals for subscriptions and are going forward for 2013!

It appears DC squeaked by, which I was not at all expecting. But I’m very happy for the DC collectors out thee! MOTU Classics on the other hand ended up going above and beyond, going 35% beyond what was needed! Scott seems to imply that this boost bodes well for going forward in 2014 as well.

It was also announced that the winner of the Fan Poll for MOTU Classics was Geldor. Coming in second right behind him was Illumina. While I voted for Illumina, I’m happy with Geldor. It’s cool to get some mini comic representation in the line. Plus, I had a feeling he’d be the winner. He’s a huge fan favorite among the German fan base, and those German MOTU fans know how to get the job done! 🙂

I should add that it was very nice of Scott to give me a shout out in this video!

So, we’re getting at least another year of both DCUC and MOTUC! Pretty exciting stuff for those of us who were hoping for more toys.



  • Jesús Santillán says:

    So MOTUC it´s now exclusive of the subscribers?.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Not entirely, I don't think. But they did say that day-of-sale stock would be much lower this year, and there is potential that some figures may not have day-of-sale stock at all. I guess we'll see.

  • Man-E-fan1977 says:

    I voted for Evil-Lyn. Then Marlena, Trap-Jaw, and finally Geldor. I stil have that mini-comic.

  • I don't care about Geldor, but I'm very happy that the line is continuing.

  • Brandon says:

    What about the black freighter sub? Did it make it as well? I wanted all three…!

    • Pixel Dan says:

      The Watchmen sub was never in danger. They were going forward with that one no matter what. So yep, it's coming! 😀

      • Brandon says:

        Awesome, thanks for the info Dan 🙂 I voted for Geldor, since it was so close, I guess my vote really did make a difference! I'm so happy right now, I think I'll shed my once every 10 year tear! Hooraaay for toys!!!

  • jlp2711 says:

    Awesome News! More MOTUC & DCUC yay! Real shame about Ilumina losing by so few votes with the poll stated to go till tomorrow (I know TG said it was a typo). Especially with so many posts about people having trouble voting because of Digital River. I really wanted that Gar. (Stay positive, must stay positive) Dekker already got a figure and he lost to Geldor in the German vote right? Geldor is cool and I like him, but I think he was a shoe-in to be made. I hope everyone can get all the figures they want, and with 135% of the min we are a lot closer. Mosquitor is coming! Ram-Man is coming! I already got my Stinkor 🙂 Here's hoping 2013 is really awesome. MOTUC & DCUC IN 2013!!!

    • Pixel Dan says:

      With Illumina being so close, I wouldn't be too upset about it. As long as the line moves on, I think the chances of getting her at some point are pretty high.

      It's a happy day, my friend! 😀

      • jlp2711 says:

        I really hope you're right. Now's the time for celebrating! I'm still in the middle of making room on my shelves for more MOTUC & DCUC. Hard work but SO MUCH FUN! Hope I have to keep making room on both sides for many years to come.

  • Aaron says:

    Woo hoo! I can't wait to hear what the big awesome surprises are.

  • He-Maniac says:

    Awesome news! Now I want a “their killin teh lien” t-shirt!

  • Miss M says:

    I loved this video of TG. Iwant a party hat, and the shirt was so funny. I am so glad this line is continuing, I can sleep again! This is just awesome. Thanks Pixel-Dan for keeping us in the "know."

  • Brett says:

    Wonderful news……Doin' the happy dance!

  • @srattigan says:

    This made my week.

  • I'm extremely happy to see that the line is continuing! Besides, it can't end before I have a Ram-Man and (hopefully) an eventual Two-Bad for my collection! One thing though, if they don't come through on their promises for the 2013 Sub service (in that DR will be MUCH better and things will be "smooth sailing") then they're gonna have to fight 10 times harder to get people to believe in getting a 2014 Sub.

  • joe says:

    While I didn't sub for 2013 I think MOTUC will be ok to and thru 2014. I nabbed a preorder on Ram Man on bbts and he sold out fast. I don't mind paying 60.00 because I'm just not interested in the other figures they've shown. The way I see it, I have an extra 440 bucks to buy my diecast robots. Still good for you MOTU diehards, I bet next year wont be so dramatic.

  • Captain Triumph says:

    I'm glad both the subs went through! Now its up to Mattel to deliver what has been promised. They have gotten the support they wanted so they need to run with it. And not just on MOTU but CIE as well. If they don't, then I just don't see the fans rallying for 2014 like they did this year.

  • Frequincy says:

    Super stoked!

    Offtopic (forgive me)
    Is Sir Laser-Lot the only August figure? Whats the regular sub figure? I thouht Sir Laser-Lot was part of the 30th ann. sub.

  • FRANKY M says:

    MOTU ROCKS!!! – was really hoping for Illumina!!! Eventually i hope illumina does get a figure- i voted for her!!! WAITING FOR 2013!!! ALL THE BEST MATTEL WITH THE AWESOMENESS!!! NOW AND FOR THE FUTURE!!!

  • calcifer says:

    I was really hoping Songster would win. That would have made one crazy figure 🙂

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