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The Dark Knight Rises SDCC Exclusive Bruce Wayne to Batman Movie Masters Figure Review

Coming to the 2012 San Diego Comic Con is this exclusive action figure set from Mattel to celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rises in theaters!

Join me for an early look at the “Bruce Wayne to Batman” Movie Masters figure set!

The set includes an elaborate box with lights and sounds, a Bruce Wayne action figure, and a rubber Batsuit that you can actually place on the figure! The DKR Bruce Wayne to Batman Movie Masters figure set will be available exclusively at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con at the Mattel booth.

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  • fball13z says:

    Great review PD. Not really liking they way the suit looks on him, but I do like have the Bruce Wayne figure to go with my movie master batman figures and it will make a cool display piece

  • The Rook says:

    Cool packaging too bad about the hindered articulation and bulkiness. At least he's not wearing hockey pads!

  • djaxis says:

    actually, i just had an idea this would be great for… previous batman/bruce figures really could only be displayed as one or the other, rarely could it work displaying them as a costume change in progress.

    i think that'd work well with this one.

  • This is probably one of the only figures I, as an opener, would keep in the box. I just don't like the look of the suit on the figure, however, I think it looks awesome when it's in the "cave."

    This figure is almost worth it just for the cave display and the accessories (which the regular MM figure is sorely lacking). When they pop up on Matty, I may pick one up. I'll have to think about it.

    Does the cave sound effect sound like a toilet flushing, or is it just me? lol

  • binks says:

    Good review! Whats the difference between the SDCC exclusive and the one that's gonna be sold on Matty Collector? Is there one?

  • Fallen Eldor says:

    Quick CHnage Bruce Wayne was my favorite Batman variant of all time. I spent untold hours playing with while him humming the dramatic danny elfman music in the early 90's! For that reason alone I want this Dark Knight styled homage. And finally BATARANGS! We've needed these weapons since since 2008! Which is close to the last time I went to SDCC. $30 is asking a lot…Knowing that 'ill have to pay more and needing to save my pennies for Power-Con is really hurting me on this one but i don't care because want this sooooo bad it hurts!

  • Thanks for the review dan! Now I know I don't need this figure..Can I has the box? hehe

  • VishGos says:

    What the figure needs is the eyeliner after wearing the cowl to make up for the loosely fit eye sockets.

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