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ToyGuru shows off MOTUC Snake Man-at-Arms and Griffin

Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich informed me the other day that Mattel has not yet received PR samples of Snake Man-at-Arms and the Griffin, both of which go on sale this Friday. Since Mattel did not receive them, they of course could not send anything out for review before the sale.

In an effort to make sure fans still got a chance to see the figures before they go on sale, Scott did put together this quick video where he shows off the early figures they have at the Mattel offices.


I will of course still be doing reviews of both Snake Man-at-Arms and Griffin when my subscription figures arrive. Hopefully you guys will still give them a watch even though they will be posted after the sale date. 🙂



  • thomas says:

    Why is battle cat green and robotic now?

  • Chris " Master Beas" says:

    He should have sent his samples to you so that you could do the review. This is what you do review, you don't try to be brand manager. Even though you most likely would rock at it. Can't wait to see your review on these figures.

    • fball13z says:

      His samples are not meant to be sent out for PR reviews, so why would he send them out?

      • Chris " Master Beas" says:

        I know that he would not send out his samples it was just a comment. You could also say, " If he sent them to Pixel Dan then he would have to send them to all reviewers." again it was just a comment.

  • Faker says:

    Any reason why they didn't send SMAA & Griffin to u on time? They know we all look forward to ur reviews.

  • Graeme says:

    hey pixel,

    i always tune into your reviews for most new figures can't wait for you to do sma & griffin!!

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