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Mattel teases us with Castle Grayskull playset images

Recently on Facebook, Cornboy of Four Horsemen Design posted that they had just finished the initial sculpt of the Castle Grayskull playset for the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line, and was hoping Mattel would be able to show it off at Toy Fair. Well, it looks like Mattel will indeed be making the big reveal, and to tease us they have been posting very small, close-up shots of the Castle.

First up is a close-up shot of the window. It doesn’t give us much except for an up close look at some of the brick work. By the way, this is an image of the unpainted sculpt. Cornboy has confirmed that they are painting it now and it will be fully painted when revealed at Toy Fair this weekend.

Now this is an interesting tease! How many of you out there can tell me where this is at inside the castle? I’ll give you a hint. Here is an image of Mark Taylor’s original Castle Grayskull prototype.

There were many things cut from this prototype that did not make it to the final playset in the 80’s (see: Power & Honor- Castle Grayskull for more info.) Do you see that little red skull at the top of the elevator pole the left side? Bam! Looks like that has been added into the new Castle Grayskull!

I love that! Mattel and the Horsemen have said that they hope to incorporate many of the items from the original design that were cut for costs back in the 80’s. And it looks like this skull is to be the first of those. Fingers crossed for that torture chamber to make the cut as well!

Personally, I’m very excited that we’re going to be seeing a full-on Four Horsemen sculpted playset this weekend at Toy Fair! How about the rest of you?



  • I'm thrilled! I had to largely step away from MOTUC this year with the significant price increase and increases in shipping costs, but I couldn't say no to Castle Gray skull and pre-ordered it within the first hour it was available. I can't wait to see the whole thing!

  • Jay says:

    Since sugary sweet pixel dan is such an insider, im sure he’s seen the reveal already…

    • Pixel Dan says:

      I have not. I'll see it for the first time Sunday at 3pm EST like everyone else. But I appreciate you think I'm sweet. 😛

      • Jay says:

        UGH, You have purposely misinterpreted my insult!! Anyway, I hope that once the final sculpt is approved, they realize that they still have the resources to add accessories/features to the castle to plus it up! Also, if final sculpt is different from the prototype sculpt,its to improve it and to not “save costs” by eliminating details.

  • Frequincy says:

    This is the single most anticipated item of the year for me. Cannot wait to see it.

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