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Mattel DC Unverse Classics at New York Toy Fair 2014 – 30th Anniversary Super Powers

Pixel Dan catches up with Scott Neitlich to talk DC at New York Toy Fair 2014!




  • Mr_Q_78 says:

    As cool as the Super Powers Collection releases look, this feels like the worst way to end the DC Universe Classics line. Not only are we getting repaints of figures we already purchased for $30 plus shipping. Also, that Mr. Mxyzptlk and Collect & Build Kalibak doesn't look like its worth getting all of them. Heck, the gold Superman and the GL repainted Riddler could have been slots for heroes like the actual Green Lantern, Aquaman, Joker, Robin, or any of the wave 1 releases of The Super Powers Collection.

    If DC Comics and Mattel were really serious about this, they would either release this in stores for a fraction of the cost or offer them as a mini sub like Club Filmation. Plus, if you're gonna release mostly repaints, you need to offer up more like accessories (kryptonite, batarang, removable golden lasso, etc.) or a way to imitate their action movies (a power punch piece ala Thunder Punch He-Man). Also, the GL Riddler and Golden Superman would be better off as chase figures like Spirit of Hordak. The actual tooling money should go to remaking Lex Luthor's battle armor (the George Perez design) and Pre-Crisis Brainiac. That way, if the line was successful, they could go into the rest of the waves and, if it really took off, release the much rumored waves 4-6 that never got made.

    Sadly, this is merely going to be a pipe dream of mine. Mostly because DC Comics has been severely mismanaged ever since going into DC Entertainment and its New 52.

    Maybe, toy gods be willing, Gentle Giant will pick up the Super Powers line and remake the classic figures in one form or another. But that's just me. Great job on the video, Dan.

    • AdamVerde says:

      Well thought out & well said Mr. Q.
      Too often in the Internet objectivity is viewed as being a hater – especially when offered up during a fun time like toy fair but I take what you said as purely polite objectivity & I agree. These various Matty subs are HUNDREDS of dollars per year, so as the lifeline fir these lines, it's completely FAIR to be able to voice what you do or don't like. I too can't understand why Mattel isn't a stronger presence in the "toy stores"? I was excited when I saw the card backs (and the 3 good figures) but then it was like ohhhhhhhhh-kayyyyy here we go again with another sub-only line 🙁 it just feels incomplete walking thru a TRU & not seeing He-Man or something like these but still easily being able to grab TMNT, Star Wars, Marvel, TransFormers, & G.I. Joe figures. It is disappointing, but definitely Not your fault Dan. Great reporting all weekend.

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