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Masters of the Universe Classics Unnamed One (Gorpo) Figure Video Review

Join me for a look at the MOTU Classics Unnamed One from Mattel!




  • BaldOldLady says:

    I'm a long time fan of MOTU, but I had no idea about the more obscure facts and history regarding The Unnamed One or Gorpo. Thus, I had no expectations either way. I think it's an amazing figure, but my gripe is a little more "literal". I think it's utterly ubsurd that they integrated the two canonical easter eggs into one figure effectively giving "The Unnamed One" a name!! He's not Unnamed…his name is Gorpo….ridiculous. Gorpo could easily have stood on his own as an amazing evil Trollan. Again, it's an incredible sculpt. And in turn, the character of The Unnamed One could have been utilized much more effectively. But instead they've neutered the awe and mystery of a villain with a name as forboding and umbral as "The Unnamed One". Oh well…regardless, thank you for the awesome review! I'm a fan, Dan!

  • kenttaylor910 says:

    I have a little different thought about the back story of the unamed one/Gorpo. I knew some of the obscure facts in Dan's video about the reference to the Unamed one by King Hsss in the Mini-comic that was supposed to launch the Powers of Grayskull toy series. The assumption that I had was that he would be a snake, and maybe even be Serpos (the snake whose petrified body formed Snake Mountain). I do think that it was an awesome touch/nod for the Unamed one to be Trollan. If you look at the timeline that has developed in the MOTUC line of action figures the beginning seems to always point to Trolla. The sword of He is from Trolla, and over time the He-mans guardian/advisor have been Trollans. It makes sense to me that the origin of one of the great villain groups should be the work of a renegade or evil Trollan. I am hopeful that by getting this figure and the "son of He-man" reference on the front of the card that we will get to have some figures from the end of the story canon such as Dare and Battle Bird. Especially since Dare is referenced on the bio on the back.
    As you can tell I am a huge fan, and Dan your videos are awesome.

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