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Masters of the Universe Classics Fighting Foe Men Figure Video Review

Based on the artwork from the vintage Monogram model kits, named after a concept name for the vintage MOTU toy line, and even nods to members of Four Horsemen Design, the latest 3-pack from the Masters of the Universe Classics line is a mash-up of homages! Join me for an early look at the Fighting Foe Men!




  • Kleffton says:

    They're going in my Horde faction.

  • Gygor says:

    No QC issues, Great Paint Apps, and Plunty of Display Options!

    I think they turned out "GREAT" and I'm looking forward to them next month.

    Thanks for the Review Dan!

  • Wrestlingsbest says:

    They're like a smaller Ginyu Force to Hordak that takes out lower ranked Masters allies from distant or remote areas. I picture them in the 200x cartoon showing up brought in by Hordak as new group with individual hover bikes like the ones from ML Rider series. For now I think custom painting the Riders like Scarlet witch for Sheild maiden & The THING'S bikes with flight stands underneath for the vehicles would be a great way to display these guys & gal also. First I have to see if they fit. (:

  • Oswaldoworld says:

    I'm really loving these guys! Dan, my 2 year old son loves your reviews as much as I do. We enjoy watching them together.

  • Frequincy says:

    I wish I had the three model kits.

  • Oswaldoworld says:

    Just had a moment to open my Fighting Foe Men figures! Wanted to add that Dawg-o-tor's glass shield does come off. Maybe it's just mine but it's not glued in but snaps in. When I opened the package I noticed Dawg-o-tor's glasses were off and I immediately thought I had a QC issue. I was able to push it to place which was a big sigh of relief. From there I decided to see if I could take it off and it wasn't all that hard. He does look awkward minus the glasses because of how high the helmet sits on top of is head but I'm loving that it's not glued in.

  • Oswaldoworld says:

    No problem, Dan! Hope you're having a good Memorial Day weekend.

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