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Kenner 1989 RoboCop and the Ultra Police Nightfighter RoboCop Figure Review

It’s time for another Retro Review!

From the 1989 RoboCop and the Ultra Police toy line from Kenner comes one of the coolest and most popular variants from the line!

Join me for a look at the cap firing, glow in the dark Nightfighter RoboCop figure! Of course, there is a reason for this particular figure getting a review, so stay tuned for another review tomorrow!

But for now, enjoy this video after the jump!





  • Glowing in the dark is not very good night-camo, lol.

    Seriously though, I love me some Robocop 😀

    • BTW: You should track down the battle damaged Robocop from the TV series toyline. It's the only old Robo figure I have, and it has some nice interchangeable parts (two helmets and two chest pieces).

      It's pretty neat.

  • TMC1984 says:

    awesome review! … i had the regular kenner robocop when i was growing up, but not this glow-in-the-dark one …

    i agree – it's still amazing how toys were produced from films like robocop and terminator which were essentially violent rated-r movies – if i remember, i was allowed to watch those movies when i was young (under the supervision of my folks) so maybe other guys had the same experience? …

    • I first saw Robocop when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Loved it.

      I'm not so sure that that was the best bit of parenting on the part of my folks, though, lol.

      I had to BEG them to see the PG-13 Batman in '89 because I was 8, but somehow renting the R-rated Robocop was OK.

      Lucky me. I got to see a great movie, AND get desensitized to violence at an early age. This helped prepare me for high school, since people were always picking fights with me for being a nerd, lol.

      • TMC1984 says:

        ah man, that sucks! …

        well seeing terminator and robocop as a kid never did me any harm – plus i loved playing with the toys, so it was all good …

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