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Flashback Friday: 1991 Mattel Hook Toy Line Review

Welcome to Flashback Friday, the newest feature of Pixel-Dan.com!

Flashback Friday is a chance for me to share some of my past videos with everyone again. This will allow newer viewers to see a video they might not have yet seen, and allow the long-time viewers a trip down memory lane! It also serves to show just how much my videos have evolved over the years. Warning: the quality will not always be very good in these older videos!

In 1991, Mattel released a toy line based on the Steven Spielberg film Hook, which told a new tale of Peter Pan returning to Neverland after growing up.

The action figure line isn’t any extraordinary, by any means. But it always had a certain charm for me. I was such a fan of the film as a kid that I used to beg for these action figures, especially Rufio. But I never actually got any until my collecting days much later down the road.

So join me for this look at the simple, yet fun Hook toy line from Mattel!

Original air date of this video was March 13, 2010.




  • TMC1984 says:

    great childhood movie and a neat little line – i had a couple of these, infact i even had thud budd! … if i had of known they were going to become rare i would have kept hold of them, but you never know those kinda things when you're growing up …

    one thing i will say though is that i always want figures from movies to actually look like the actors who played them (i know the toy companies can't always get the rights to use the liknesses etc.) – i just think that the toys should at least look like the actors … the hook one is a good pass for hoffman, but the pan and rufio figures just look like generic face sculpts, which takes the magic away a bit for me …

    loving this new series – having lots of TNTS flashbacks! 🙂

    • Pixel Dan says:

      I actually just got a MOC Thudbutt from a toy show recently, and got him for REAL cheap considering what I've seen him go for on the 'bay! I may end up ripping him open for a follow-up review. 🙂

  • Julian says:

    Excellent review! I'm a big fan of 'hook' (the movie, but also all related merchandise) and am always on the look-out for these figures. So far, I have only found 3 MOCs (Hook, ACE & Peter pan). Not a lot of online info is available on the 'hook'-line, so i'm very grateful for your nice video. A follow-up is very much wanted!

  • Eddie says:

    Wow i had no idea wave 2 was rare i have all of them sitting in a box, ii won't sell them but glad to know there history that i had no idea about (although i may have a spare loose thudbutt, i'll keep you guys posted on that if anyones after it)
    I remember the hook cutting the packet scared me as a kid cause it seemed like blood underneath, now i see the back had a red border and how dumb i was then

  • thepoey says:

    Is it just me, or does that art look like re-purposed MOTU art?

  • BrutalBarracuda says:

    Hi all, just thought id register to let you know that the ship show before the hideout at the end there was infact released. I still have lots of toys from when i was younger including that very ship. Also from wave 2 i have the croc, thudbutt and the other version of hook 🙂
    [URL =http://imageshack.com/i/0bt3tuj][IMG]http://imageshack.com/a/img11/5346/t3tu.jpg[/IMG][/URL]Uploaded with [URL =http://imageshack.com]ImageShack.com[/URL]

  • BrutalBarracuda says:

    Also ive just found the instructions to this boat, so the official name, that possibly no one knows is…. Drum roll please…

    "Long Tom Doomboat"

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