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Exclusive ThunderCats Red Lion-O figure coming to Singapore Toy, Game, & Comic Convention

Well, this is certainly out of nowhere…

It looks as thought the Singapore Toy, Game, & Comic Convention is getting their very own ThunderCats exclusive figure from Bandai Asia.

Bandai Asia And The Falcon’s Hangar Pte Ltd is proud to bring you the STGCC 2012 Exclusive 8″ Thundercats Lion O Mumm-Ra Version. Debuting at The Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention which runs from the 1st-2nd Sept 2012, Its the first time a Red Lion O is made by Bandai!

The figure is the same 8″ scale Lion-O we all know by now, but he is repainted with a red color scheme. This isn’t just a random repaint, though. This red Lion-O actually appeared in the classic animated series. This is Mumm-Ra transformed into a carbon copy of Lion-O. So really, it’s a pretty neat idea for a variant, even if it is just a repaint. You’ll notice he also comes with the chromed swords and sword stand that came with that SDCC exclusive back in 2011.

I think I speak for us all when I say that a new ThunderCats exclusive was something I certainly wasn’t expecting to see. What does this mean for the ThunderCats toy line? Honestly, I have no clue. But it is my personal opinion that this should not get our hopes up for new toys from Bandai.

It’s not uncommon to still see an exclusive here or there after a line has stopped production for retail. And after all, this is just a simple repaint. It’s also only being offered by Bandai Asia. As of now, this particular figure isn’t getting a U.S. release. I can already imagine how hard to get he’s going to be for everyone outside of Asia.

Still, it’s kind of neat to see something new from the ThunderCats line.



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