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Disney Wreck-It Ralph Wall Smashing Ralph Action Figure Review


Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph hits theaters soon, and a brand new line of action figures from Thinkway Toys is already beginning to hit stores!

Join me for a look at the film’s main character in action figure form. It’s Wall smashing Ralph!

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  • He-Maniac says:

    Aargh, a lever! I can't stand levers on figures! Exploding wall is nice. I like the smaller figures for Wreck It Ralph. I already picked up some of the small ones.

  • Pixel Dan says:

    Well, kids toy after all. 🙂 I don't mind levers on figures like this.

    The small figures are nice, but I thought they were WAY too expensive! Almost $10 at Toys R Us for those. This 6" figure was $12 at Target. I'd rather have a larger figure for the money. 🙂

    • He-Maniac says:

      All toys are WAY too expensive these days. That's why I like that you do reviews for the smaller companies like October toys and Spy Monkey Creations. Reasonable prices and fantastic toys. Keep up the good work!

    • Jarrod says:

      Wow. I've heard of Target's prices varying between stores, and you saying you got this figure for only $12 makes me jealous. I saw these last weekend and wanted to grab the whole set, but the Target closest to me had them all marked at $17 or $18 a piece. I couldn't quite justify that price for them and it made me start reconsidering the smaller figs at TRU. Thankfully, I live in an area with multiple Targets so I may have to do some looking around.

      Also, I know you've mentioned being a POP! Vinyl fan, and looks like Funko is giving us some Wreck-It-Ralph POP! Vinyls: http://www.disneystore.com/pop-wreck-it-ralph-vin

      • Pixel Dan says:

        Yikes? $19?! I hope they don't end up that much. It's a cool figure, but not $19 cool! I know that there was no price tag on the shelf when I bought mine. Looked like they just put them out, and the whole case was the same Ralph figure. It rang up in the $12-$13 range. So hopefully they didn't change the price to $19, cause that's a bit much.

        And yeah, I'm all over those POP Vinyls for sure!

  • @undefined says:

    HAHA!!! My kids will LOVE this! I am now already expecting that I will be buying this for my kids! GREAT Review Dan!! So Excited for this movie

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