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Pixel Dan’s 13 Days of Halloween Toy Reviews


Welcome, foolish mortals, to the 13 Days of Halloween Toy Reviews!


Phantom Dan is back for the 2012 Halloween season, and this year he has a countdown to Halloween with 13 toy review videos! Each day, a new button on the interactive calendar will become active. Just click on the date, and be taken to a new review of a Halloween-themed toy! The countdown ends on Halloween day!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be afraid! Click and enjoy!



Day 1: Target Exclusive Halloween Batman

Day 2: Lil’ Boogers

Day 3: LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost and Clock

Day 4: Hasbro 1992 Conan the Adventurer Skulkur

Day 5: Trash Pack Series 3 Liquid Ooze Pack

Day 6: Monster Marbles Series 1.1

Day 7: Ghostbusters Courtroom Battle Ray Stantz

Day 8: LEGO Monster Fighters The Swamp Creature

Day 9: Jazwares Adventure Time Undead People Set

Day 10: Zuru Monster Lab Monster Maker

Day 11: Squinkies Zinkies Space Alliance

Day 12: LEGO Monster Fighters The Mummy

Day 13: From Pixels to Plastic – Toy Biz Resident Evil




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