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Positively Nerdy Podcast #75 – The Magic Kingdom

I once again had the pleasure of being a guest on the awesome Positively Nerdy podcast. The topic of discussion this time is one that I very much enjoy: The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World! If you’re a Disney Parks fan, you’re going to love this one! Click on through and give the show a listen!

From PositivelyNerdy.com:

Welcome to a very special episode of Positively Nerdy!  The Magic Kingdom, the crown jewel of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and the most popular theme park in the world.  Joining me to discuss the magic and memories of our many visits to the park are my wife Leah, Jason Devall and Pixel Dan!

What makes the Magic Kingdom so incredible and memorable goes far beyond the rides and the attractions.  It’s about the feeling you get walking down Main Street USA or the first time you notice that tiny Disney detail you’d walked by so many times before.  More than just a comprehensive guide to the park this episode is all about reliving the magic and the memories we enjoyed on our visits and are now sharing with all of you.  From the best way to arrive at the park to the night-time spectaculars, from the heavy-hitters of Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean to the small quiet moments of enjoying the themes and details or discovering a new place to grab a bite to eat, we share it all!  We even speculate and look forward to a future of introducing a brand new generation to the wonders of Disney magic at the Magic Kingdom!  Accompanying us along the way are plenty of clips, music and narrations from our special ‘fifth host’ to complete the experience and allow you to become lost inside the memories of the Magic Kingdom!  Just remember, it was all started by a mouse!


Click here to download the MP3


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