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Castle Grayskull Pre-Order Problems – Update from Mattel

As you may be aware by now, it seems there have been some issues with some of the Castle Grayskull pre-orders. Some fans have reported problems with receiving cancelled order notices due to their credit cards being expired. In some cases, this is becuase the card on file needed an updated expiration date. But in other cases, the wrong card was attempted to be charged, or there was no issue with the card on file at all and yet the orders will still cancelled.

Mattel has sent along some information on how to resolve this issue.

From Mattel:

As you know, our Castle Grayskull orders are starting to ship. However, as we go forward with processing your credit cards, some orders have failed to process for a variety of reasons (insufficient funds, card expired, etc.). We do know some of you may have updated the cards during the course of the year and we sincerely apologize if your update was not carried forward.

You may also receive an automated response stating: “The product is either no longer available or has been cancelled at your request.” Please note that a credit card failure generates this automated response. We are working to update the wording in this response as it is not accurate to the situation. A more accurate message would be:
“Your Castle Grayskull order is cancelled/on hold pending updated payment information. Please contact Customer Service at 1-877-GO-MATTY or MattyCollector.CS@digitalriver.com  to update your payment information by December 5, 2013, and reinstate your Castle Grayskull order at the pre-order price. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

We understand customers did not “cancel their order at their request” and we assure you the pre-ordered Castle Grayskull sets are still available and waiting for you. This is a case of an outdated automated response being generated by credit card processing failures. We clearly need to update our automated responses – so sorry for the confusion, He-Fans!

If you received an email like this and have not already, please just contact Customer Service at 1-877-GO-MATTY or MattyCollector.CS@digitalriver.com by December 5th to update your credit card information. One quick phone call will get your order back on track so you’re sure to receive the Castle Grayskull you’ve waited for so long!

As always, we thank you for being a MattyCollector.com customer!


Have any of you experienced this issue? If so, have you followed the steps to fix this issue? Did it work? Let us know!



  • Frequincy says:

    I called months ago and was assured everything was fine. It wasn't and I've called several times last week to get things right. DR is the most inept company I've ever had to deal with. This isn't 1990. It's 2013 and if you can't do simple Ecomerce, why are you still employed for a web based line of products? Almost as bad as the fed's still non-functioning Heathcare joke of a site, almost…..

  • Benighted_death says:

    They send me my figures every months without any problem…i even buy figures between that with the very same credit card,but now they cant sell me my castle with the same credit card that work fine for everything else! Lol DR are just dumb

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