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BOARD! Ep. 01 – 13 Dead End Drive

Welcome to the world of BOARD! Where your hosts have the pleasure of showing you some of the best…and WORST…of board games from the 50’s to today! In our first episode, the fan favorite duo of Devall and Pixel Dan give us a look at the 3-D mystery game, 13 DEAD END DRIVE! So what are you waiting for, come get BOARD!


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  • TMC1984 says:


    awesome show!!!!!! so great to have the old TNTS duo back on the air! 🙂

    i really liked the look of 13-DED – im glad you compared it to cluedo too, because i got a real vibe of that game
    from this … it's kind of like a mash up of cluedo and detective the video game from the Commodore 64 …

    although, with the traps/action-features – this game kind of has that extra added fun-factor, despite the lengthy build time!

  • Brad_Bane says:

    Truly great to see Dan and Devall back together. Looking forward to the next episode, fellas!

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