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The Geek Easy Podcast – Ep. 011 – Lex Luthor and Ninja Turtles

Welcome, my friends! Grab yourself a beverage and get comfortable. You’re in The Geek Easy!


Jonathan and Dan have much to discuss! Aside from all of the geek movie news they’ve been dying to talk about, there are two very big pieces of movie news the guys are just itching to discuss: the Lex Luthor casting in Batman vs Superman and the upcming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie. Two very passionate subjects for this show’s hosts!

So get ready…there is much to say!


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  • Frequincy says:

    I can't listen to this yet, gotta work, but you read the IDW Turtles books right?

  • AdamVerde says:

    @jleonard31 – pure gold once more! Love your points on:
    1) Raphael's short-man complex
    2) How TF1 (2007) WAS great and groundbreaking)
    3) Your Kevin Spacey > Man of Steel STATS!
    4) angry interneters being the loudest
    5) 2003's TMNT being a great film
    6) I forget what "6" was for….but I know it was something else that I thought 'yes! Finally! Someone else sees through that malarky too!' -maybe I better keep a pen & paper nearby next episode!

    Love your take on things – you have a big fan right here 😉
    & Dan – loved your "uUh-ohhh" impression on the Bay-to-do-TMNT-fan-reaction!!

  • bat22 says:

    Casting "Luther" as Lex Luthor?! Brilliant! It would be a DC movie upgrade for Heimdall just as Richard White was for Cyclops, no F'ing kidding. I've nothing against Jesse Eisenberg and I'd give his casting the benefit of the doubt were it Marvel casting news. MoS has indeed cast a long shadow.

    I really don't have a problem w/ a black actor as Johnny Storm. The FF become Marvel's "first family" thanks mostly to their fateful exposure to cosmic rays. What bugs me is how many people – whether against or in favor of – then focus on sister Sue being color shifted as though adoption was some unspeakable sin. It would still give them that familial bond unless Ben Grimm literally becomes Reed's brother from another mother.

    Shia may be gone but he was just a symptom of the Bayformers condition. I sometimes leave theaters very disappointed but T:RotF was the first time I ever left so ticked off. I steered clear of DSotM and I'll need to see something special from AoE promos to venture in.

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