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Spy Monkey Creations Weaponeers of Monkaa on sale now

The new action figure line from Spy Monkey Creations known as The Weaponeers of Monkaa is on sale NOW! You can order them directly from WeaponeersofMonkaa.com! And click through for the official press release and images!

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Power-Con 2012: Interview with SpyMonkey Creations / Weaponeers of Monkaa Reveal

From Power-Con 2012, Pixel Dan meets up with Brian T. Stevenson of SpyMonkey Creations to learn all about their new action figure line: The Weaponeers of Monkaa!

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SpyMonkey Creations teases the Weaponeers of Monkaa line

Our friends at Spy Monkey Creations have been up to something pretty special! You may already be familiar with their amazing weapon sets created to fit many different action figure lines. Well after months of cryptic “Not just weapons any more” teases, the boys at Spy Monkey have finally released a little more information on their new project!

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