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The new “Hey Guys!” Pixel Dan T-Shirt on sale at San Diego Comic Con 2014!

Get your official “Hey Guys!” Pixel Dan T-Shirt at Table #E9 at the 2-14 San Diego Comic Con for only $15 ($20 for 2X and 3X)!

Big Bad Toy Store

Free Shipping on “It’s Comparison Time!” T-Shirts plus new designs from He-Man.org!

Haven’t pulled the trigger on ordering your very own “It’s Comparison Time” T-shirt yet? Well maybe this will help sweeten the deal!

Any orders of $30.00 or more placed between now and 11:59 MDT on Monday, November 26th will receive FREE SHIPPING with coupon code 2012SuperFree!

Plus, He-Man.org has also released several brand new T-Shirt designs, which you can check out here! All of these designs are found in the same store as the “It’s Comparison Time” shirt, which means combining orders to hit that $30 minimum for the free shipping coupon will be easy!

If you’ve been waiting to order, now is the time to do it! Click Here to order your “It’s Comparison Time!” T-shirt today! And Click Here to check out the other great MOTU-themed shirts from He-Man.org!

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The Official Pixel Dan T-Shirt is Now Available to Order!

It’s here! The first-ever official Pixel Dan T-shirt!

Featuring Dan’s most famous catchphrase and a cool design by Eamon O’Donoghue, the “Comparison Time” T-shirt is available in many styles, sizes, and colors through the official He-Man.org Printfection Store!

So what are you waiting for? Order your official Pixel Dan “Comparison Time” shirt NOW!


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The Round-Up: Warlords and Warriors, Figma Samus Delayed, T-Shirts

Welcome to the weekly Round-Up, giving you some quick updates and things you should check out!


  • I’ve been asked this a lot, so to make things clear: I have not received Snake Man-at-Arms or the Griffin from Mattel for review. Mattel notified me last week that they themselves had not received samples for these items yet, so they would be late in sending them. Of course, now the figures have gone on sale and many folks already have these items in hand. My subscription figures are set to be delivered on the 28th (ugh…Newgistics.) When they arrive, I will absolutely rip them open and review them.


  • I received a notice this morning that the Figma Samus figure I currently have on pre-order has been delayed. The release date is now set for late July. So if any of you out there have this figure pre-ordered as well, be sure to adjust your budget accordingly.


  • I have a T-Shirt coming! Yep, the first ever official Pixel Dan T-Shirt. Is that something you guys will actually care about? I guess we’ll find out! It will be sold through the He-Man.org T-Shirt store on Printfection. My good buddy Eamon O’Donoghue designed it. I hope to have it up for order before SDCC. I’d like to see some folks wearing my shirt at the Con, if possible.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned, because I have a TON of reviews on the way! I’m trying to crank out as many as I can before I leave for San Diego in two weeks, so be on the lookout for reviews of Trash Pack, Kotobukiya ArtFX, more Mattel SDCC exclusives, Hasbro Avengers, and more!

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