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Big Bad Toy Store

Flashback Friday: 1988 Mattel Food Fighters Toy Line Review

Welcome to Flashback Friday, the newest feature of Pixel-Dan.com!

Flashback Friday is a chance for me to share some of my past videos with everyone again. This will allow newer viewers to see a video they might not have yet seen, and allow the long-time viewers a trip down memory lane! It also serves to show just how much my videos have evolved over the years.

Warning: the quality will not always be very good in these older videos!

Today’s flashback is an overview I did on the bizarre 1988 Mattel toy line known as the Food Fighters. If you have been following me for some time, then it’s no secret that Food Fighters is one of my all-time favorite obscure toy lines. It’s just so weird that it has always appealed to me. It’s a strange concept, but these toys are a lot of fun!

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