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Sponsor Update: FantasticPlasticToys – ToD Sorceress Power-Con Exclusive Pre-Orders

Here’s a quick sponsor update from FantasticPlasticToys.com

If any of you are hoping to secure an exclusive Masters of the Universe Classics Temple of Darkness Sorceress action figure but can’t attend Power-Con next month, Fantastic Plastic Toys may be able to help! Click through for full details!


From FantasticPlasticToys.com:

Many of you have expressed interest in securing a ToD Sorceress from PowerCon.

Thanks to help from Scott Neitlich, I was able to pool together the limits from the convention staff and some additional fans to help a number of you outside of the con to obtain a TOD Sorceress. I will be using my store to organize this pre-sale. However this is not a guarantee as I will still need to purchase the figures myself like everyone else.

It wont nearly be as many as I am doing with the Accessory, the reason simply is because there is no guarantee on this. But I will try to help as many people as me and my wife can.

Because of this I will be doing 2-3 waves, this will give US and International users a equal and fair shot.

The first wave will be Thursday Night, the second wave will be Saturday morning, and the final wave will be Tuesday morning.

Now onto some details:

  • If you preordered the PowerCon Accessory, the items will be combined (as well as anything you buy from the store). I will catch them all eventually, but you can make a comment that you want combined upon ordering to help me.
  • The price does not include shipping, I plan to try to include some swag so the weight is yet to be determined. US users who preordered the accessory will be invoiced for a combined shipping (minus the $3.50 already paid) once it is ready to ship. For most US users this will be $2-5 depending on where you live (since 1.5lb Priority Mail is $5-9).
  • The price will be $30.00 which includes a fee for my time as well as Paypal’s fee, I am running a store at PowerCon with my wife. To secure these I may have to be away from my store which could equate to lost sales depending on lines/time spent buying. I have also spent a considerable amount of time this week networking with Convention organizers and some private parties as well as spent time setting up the store for this effort. The store is built and developed solely by me and that takes sometimes hours. This is non negotiable and I am sure there will be others who will offer the service or you can try your hand at MattyCollector in December if its unacceptable.
  • If I cannot secure the Sorceress for any reason the buyers money will be refunded in full 100%, so its literally no risk. If this happens then obviously what I do get will go to people in proper order fashion.
  • Shipping of these will take place in waves over the span of 2-4 weeks. I am traveling from PowerCon back to Iowa so please do not demand your stuff 24hrs after the Con has ended. This will all be handled by me, my wife and my brother so please have patience. You will be updated via an invoice for shipping, then a tracking number. International users will be shipped out over a period of time as there is some details to discuss (First Class or Priority International, etc). I have been doing this for almost a decade and my reputation is rock solid so nobody should have any concerns about getting their stuff.

As per the Accessory thread a few things, if you pay with a foreign currency your order may say canceled. That just means I have to log in and accept the payment conversion, then your order will change to processing.

I do accept check, e-Check, and money order with the caveat being if your check bounces you won’t get your stuff or a chance to pay again.


Good Luck and I hope I can help you



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