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Four Horsemen Design Outer Space Men Alpha Phase Wave 5 and Deluxe Wave 1 Figure Review

The Outer Space Men line by Four Horsemen Design continues with wave 5 and their first-ever Deluxe figure!

The new waves always kick off each year at San Diego Comic Con with the Alpha Phase, which are fully translucent versions of the figures that will later be released fully painted.

Join me for a look at these Alpha Phase versions of Wave 5 Orbitron and Gemini, and the first Deluxe figure Cyclops!


Add the Outer Space Men to your collection by visiting StoreHorsemen.com

For more information on the Glyos System, check out OnellDesign.com



  • He-Maniac says:

    These look like a lot of fun. I’m not a spaceman type of collector, but I would have enjoyed these when I was a kid. When does the new Gothitropolis figures come out? Vampire Queen, the Raven and what not.

  • @fireball13z says:

    Love my OSM collection, not missing a figure and cant wait for more!

    Great review as always PD

  • PAT says:

    These version are awesome ! Your pictures are so good, we saw beautilful colors in this video.

  • Mindless-Focus says:

    It was really the 60’s (1968) that the originals debuted, but we’ll forgive you.

    @Dan: Yeah, he was inspired by the aliens from This Island Earth.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Did I say the originals were from a different era? I know the original figures were released in the 60's, but they look like science fiction creatures from the films of the 50's/60's. 🙂

      • Mindless-Focus says:

        You said they came out in the 1970’s when technically it was still the 1960’s (68). Just me nitpicking. 😉

  • Mindless-Focus says:

    Another fun fact: According to Mel Birnkrant, the current symbol on Cyclops’ chest is a Glyos Pheyden face. Well, loosely translated as one.

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