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ShelfLife.net: COLLECTOR WARS: Win MP Soundwave/G1 Bruticus or $$$

ShelfLife is proud to announce the launch of Collector Dashboard and Collector Score!

Your Collector Dashboard combines collection stats, photo galleries, social tools, and a personalized collection catalog, all in one sweet streamlined package! You can access your new Collector Dashboard via the COLLECT button in the top left corner of the site.

You can also share your Dashboard publicly to show off your Haves, Wants, and Sales, and connect with other collectors by using your ShelfLife profile URL:


To celebrate, we’re simultaneously launching Collector Wars, a combination contest and rewards program that we intend to build into a truly marvelous beast. Collector Wars rewards you for, well, being a collector. The first season of Collector Wars runs Nov 1st to 30th, 2012.


Here’s what you can win

Plus $350 in site credit for best profile photo, most sold, most bought, and a random draw. Winning Collector Wars is as easy as logging in.

How To Score

Almost everything you do on ShelfLife this month racks up your Collector Score, and we’re giving away $750 worth of cash and prizes in Season 1 (November 2012).

Collector Points are awarded for Wants, Haves, buying, selling, referring new users & curators, and curating catalogs. Points accumulated during the contest will also contribute to your 90-day rolling Collector Score, and will unlock further benefits, discounts, and access to upcoming exclusives. Random daily prizes will also be awarded in coordination with sponsors. Whew!

Hundreds of catalogs, with a strong focus on action figures and designer toys, are already up and running on ShelfLife, and more are being added all the time. If a catalog’s missing, you can now request it to be added.

For more on Collector Wars, check out the full contest details or our FAQs.

Let the battles begin!


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  • The Rook says:

    This is a fantastic site!! If you haven't signed up you really should. It's a great way to keep track of your collections and if you are an expert on a line of figures that isn't listed become a curator!!

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