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MOTU Classics Sky High with Jet Sled Hi-Res Images from SDCC

Alongside He-Man.org, we present to you a gallery of Hi-Res, up close photos of all of the upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics figures revealed at San Diego Comic Con!

Kicking things off is the September 2013 release: Sky High and the Jet Sled!

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  • TMC1984 says:

    could this be what skeletors air centurions from the '87 movie were loosely based upon? … i think it's the mask, quite similar … or just a storm trooper/imperial guard rip off!! 🙂

    • Frequincy says:

      The figure is based off a single piece of box art. He was in the Wind Raider I think.

      • Pixel Dan says:

        Correct. That’s technically the Wind Raider pilot from the vintage box art. Rumor is that he was supposed to be included with the Wind Raider when it was released, but cost knocked him out. So they found a way to give us both him and the Sky Sled by releasing them together.

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