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Masters of the Universe Classics Sir Laser Lot Figure Review

The fourth figure in the 30th Anniversary sub-line of Masters of the Universe Classics has arrived. Created by DC Comics’ own Geoff Johns comes Sir Laser Lot!

Join me for an early look at this new figure from Mattel.

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Sir Laser Lot will be available on MattyCollector.com on August 15th, 2012.



  • Nick says:

    I agree the colors chosen aren't the best. I'd like him better in some silvers or greys. Looks like a good edition for the POG shelf though. Nice shirt man!

  • Jarrod says:

    I almost feel like you could toss Sir Laser Lot into Geoff Johns' Green Lantern comic and he'd likely fit right in. If I had any sort of paint skills, I'd probably pick up second to customize him into a character from one of the Lantern Corps. He looks like a fun figure and one I'm actually anxious to get ahold of.

  • Binks says:

    This figure is a total pass for me!

  • dAvidlogan says:

    I think I'm going to rename him Lite Knight. It annoys me less. I agree the gem being a solid color is a let down. More so than the even the color scheme for me.

    • snarf! Snarf! says:

      Lite Knight! Now that's a cool name for him! (a lot better than the one he has!) Maybe they should've used a Metallic red to make it more shiny…

      I wonder if this knight prefers rather large posteriors and is unable todeceive about it

  • TMC1984 says:

    great review dan 🙂

    BY FAR the best representation of vintage in the 30th anniversary line … (apart from fearless photog of course …) … for me, this figure oozes filmation … the mace and shield are awesome! …

    that said, i'm still not buying, but i'm beginning to think i might actually want this one! – but this figure at least tries to lend something to the vintage MOTU years in a ''30th anniversary'' line completely bereft of anything celebratory (less photog again …) …

  • Tiger-Boy says:

    Thanks for the review, Dan.

    I'm getting this figure. But I agree, it looks a lot like a Superhero…Hmmm. Take the red gem from the chest, use an "S" logo, get human head with dark hair, and hands….

    Yep! Superdude! I'm still getting him anyway… 🙂

  • I didn't like SLL at first but once I figured out that I could just head-swap him to make a superhero, I'm cool with him. I like superheroes 🙂

    As far as a knight, a silver or black color scheme would have better better, IMO.

  • Chris says:

    I think the shield incidentally is superman's laser vision. John's is pretty transparent with this one….

  • Ace says:

    That deco on the shield–I think it’s the Towers.

  • Chris says:

    I will get him, fix his head with a gundam marker, all that helmet needs is more line definition. You outline the mouth guard and eyes and he will look much more compelling. Also any craft store will have a "jewel" you can get for about 50 cents, razor blade and crazy glue all fixed. I am actually pretty happy with a few adjustments I can get this guy where he needs to be. I think the jewel needs to be a different color to give some contrast.

  • Judremy says:

    I thought Scott said you could loosen up the glue holding the plume in place by twisting it?

  • AREZ says:

    This figure is SIMPLY LAME. The only one I really like is Draego Man.

  • fishandcross says:

    I like the character, but like many others, will try and customize a little more deco to reduce the "lame plain" colors. I love the sword, especially if one were to paint the blade a silver/nickel color to identify with Tri-klops's mini comic/cross-cell sword! (Still love Spy Monkey Creations version.)

  • simon says:

    sorry but looks like playmobil to me.

  • Frequincy says:

    I think they will reuse most parts for a Filmation Red Knight from She-Ra at some point.

  • kentucky says:

    This character/design makes me feel like Geoff is just poking fun at MOTU. It feels like a really less than half-hearted attempt at an amazing chance to get to design a 30th anniversary character… I really think Laserlot is just cheesey in every respect.

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