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Masters of the Universe Classics King He-Man Figure Video Review

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For those who subscribed to the 2013 Club Eternia line, the exclusive bonus figure is the future ruler of Eternia: King He-Man!

Join me for an early looking at this figure from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line! King He-Man will be shipping to subscribers in March.




  • Striker_Z says:

    I have never read anyone saying this, but when I first saw This figure, I thought he looked just Emiliano's old He-Man from his unreleased comic "Homecoming".

  • Wrestlingsbest says:

    Wow, you are already reviewing King He-man skipping TDKR Batman unlimited? I wouldn't be able understand not getting that Batman. Even Toyguru touched on how it goes with the motu classics figures.

  • djaxis says:

    the secret of the wifebeater… is the deep necline of the armor. all male armor previously didn't have that much skin showing. this way it looks as if the abs are all part of the armor, and not some kind of undershirt, unless you take off the armor. personally, i like the idea better than the smooth armor colored ab panels we've gotten before.

    also… i'm ok with the face. he-man is a buff youngster, and even with the best of time on his side, old he-man, would prolly end up a little gaunt, especially considering that we don't know how much of his muscle is actually his, or added from using the sword again. it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that the sword would focus more on useful muscles rather than filling his face back out.

    • Kevin522 says:

      Muscle doesnt have anything to do with it really. it's bone structure" his jawline is skinnier, and his face just dent resmble the other he man figures.

  • Kevin522 says:

    I've been saying the same thing about the look of his face for months. It just doesnt say "he-man" to me. It's a great looking figure otherwise, but I don't acknowledge this sword as the power sword……even back in the 200x stuff it just looks ugly.

    Great review Dan. Had to laugh at the head falling off.

  • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled says:

    OK, now we need Strobo's gun to give it to King Scarface…
    The droopy lip kinda reminds me of Stallone.
    The gold Wifebeater has a bit of Hulkamania in it…
    King He-Man is a tribute to the 80s!

    While the sword is cool, they could have gone for a more Kingly blade for him… Randor sword repainted in KHM colors.

  • Frequincy says:

    Kind of a depressing figure for me. Why would they waste money gluing on the cape to the armor?

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