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Masters of the Universe Classics Castaspella Figure Video Review

Growing the ranks of the Great Rebellion is the hypnotizing enchantress known as Castaspella! Join me for an early look at this upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics figure!




  • Ricky1980 says:

    Dan in the video her face looks to be a different shade of flesh tone than the body. Does it seem as noticeable in person?
    Great review as always, August is going to be a great month for MOTUC.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Looks like I answered your question on the Org already. 🙂 It's the lighting. Not really noticeable in hand. I didn't even notice it until I had the footage in my editor.

      • Ricky1980 says:

        That's good to hear. I hope Casta can sway some of the non-POP fans. She truly is an amazing looking figure.

  • Frequincy says:

    I agree she looks amazing. Those group shots at the end looked great. Nice to see the Rebellion gaining numbers.

  • Oswaldoworld says:

    She's very cool looking. Loving the colors and lightning bolt decorations on her. The first PoP character next to Shadow Weaver I really like. I wondering how that spell accessory would look on the first release Evil Lyn. Or would it not fit on her hand? Awesome review as always, Dan!

  • Burgl3cut says:

    Nicely done as usual. Your videos are what got me into collecting this line. I was wondering about something. I noticed on this one and your NA He-man that you had the Snake Mountain opening graphic as opposed to either of the Grayskull openers. I hope this is not due to licensing issues. Stupid lawyers. Also, no comparison time. I take it you did not have a classic Castaspella available. Mind you, not criticisms, just observations. As I said already, brilliant as always.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Yeah, I had to make some updates to the intros, and the Snake Mountain one is the only one my animator was able to update for me currently, so it's the standard. He's working on a new standard MOTUC opener that I'll be using for all MOTUC reviews going forward.

      And yep, only reason there was no "Comparison Time" is because I don't have her vintage figure. 🙁

  • Kleffton says:

    Dan – Does the blast fit onto a male MOTUC figure's hand too?
    If not, how tough is it if one was to widen it a bit to fit a male figure?

    • Pixel Dan says:

      It does not fit on the males, unfortunately. The normal closed hands are too fat and won’t squeeze in, and guys with open hands (like Slush Head, Mer-Man, etc) have hands that are wider than the blast effect itself, and just don’t fit into the slit.

      • Kleffton says:

        I see. This would've worked in an awesome manner for the big wigs like Skeletor n Hordak.
        Hmm..maybe I can get Stacy Mealer to do his cast-customizing to make it fit. Imagine the color options – Skeletor blue, Hordak red, Hsss green!

        Thanks for clarifying 🙂

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