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Hasbro G.I. Joe Interview with Derryl DePriest at SDCC 2013

I caught  up with Hasbro’s own Derryl DePriest at San Diego Comic Con 2013 to chat G.I. Joe!




  • shipwreak73 says:

    thanks for some GI Joe love PD…looks like a little less GI Joe love out of Hasbro in the near future…just don't know what Hasbro's hang-up is with GI Joe and not going 'gung-ho' with the toy line…oh, well, thanks again for the interview

  • Sword2Blanket says:

    I really dig their Ultimate figures based on the original 80s style. Everything else I could care less about.

    If I was a toyline brand manager, I sure would hate knowing that I was forever shackled to those lackluster movies. Even if you're one of the few who like the movies, you've got to admit they make for some incredibly dull, soulless toys that lack even a tiny bit of character.

    Now that they've expended all their nostalgia reserves on the 25th anniversary line, they seriously need to come up with an worthwhile original idea for the G.I. Joe brand that they can build on. What they DON'T need to do is keep coming up with garbage, flash in the pan ideas that they can sell one wave of toys on each year. You know why ANYONE buys G.I. Joe toys NOW? Because there was serious quality in the franchise 30 years ago. You know who's going to buy G.I. Joe 30 years from now if this creative quality continues? NO ONE.

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