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DC Universe Classics Signature Collection Ra’s Al Ghul Figure Video Review

Mattel’s DC Universe Classics line is wrapping up! Join me for a look at one of the final subscription figures and new addition to Batman’s Rogues Gallery: Ra’s Al Ghul!




  • philipyoungmanzoo says:

    Shame the top and bottom of his pants don't even match.

    Joining the likes of Brainiac, Brainiac 5, one of the Jokers, Riddler from the 60 Bats series and others.

    Why is it so darn hard to match to pieces of plastic!!!???

  • DrKainn says:

    I have to say Dan, I love that you are reviewing this, but you don't seem all that energetic as if you were required to review this figure. I also have to say that I think the head sculpt is atrocious as he is missing his white side burns (even the box has them on there) and he has eye brows. I know Scott has said there are incarnations that do (and he is right), but they make this version not completely accurate to O'Neil's and Adams' original design for Ra's, which is where it fails. Other than that, he is a solid figure and well worth the wait. BTW, I guess I just haven't looked close enough yet, as I did not even notice he has different colored limbs (which seems to be an ongoing trend with Mattel).

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