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Weapon Up! BMOG Store Opens With Exclusive Colorway!

Announcing the grand opening of the BMOG store!

Octivirate Toys is proud to announce its mutual mercantile pact with the Xorlox of planet Armamentum, bringing the galactically-coveted BMOGs to our new Earthican storefront! Three BMOG kits have landed in our shop, including a direct-purchase exclusive!

– “Military Black” brings you the shadowy smackdown between Heroic Augmentoid Ursenal and Evil Paraxxoid Mant-Axe!

– “Toxic Spill” features the retina-rotting rampages of Evil Paraxxoids Bearium and Gamma-Ray!

– “Piratical Purple” drops anchor with rapacious raiders Peg-Paw Plundor and the Dread Pickaxe Raybot!

“Piratical Purple” was previously only available from the Octivirate Toys booth at select conventions.  This is the first time these bio-mech buccaneers are available for sale from any online retailer!


The BMOGs are Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts: wild robotic beasts that you can take apart and rebuild in endless combinations, whose every appendage is also an action figure accessory outfitted with 5 millimeter grips! What toys use 5mm grips? Tons of them! Most Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (of all generations), MechaZone, Micronauts, Starriors, The Batman, Robolinks, and more! Each BMOG figure comes as a model-kit style sprued set with a sticker sheet and the instructions for the default builds. Figures are intended for collectors aged 16 and up.


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