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Warlords & Warriors: A look at DRON

In yesterday’s Round-Up, I touched on Warlords and Warriors. This new fantasy themed, retro styled figure line is coming soon and is already looking to be pretty exciting.

My friend Mike Zolotorow, one of the men behind this upcoming line, was kind enough to send some images my way to share with you all.

From Mike:

This character’s name is DRON. RO3CO is creating the characters and concepts as well as assembling the artists involved. The DRON art is done by Chris Faccone. We also have Dan Brenus doing the battle scene art you have been seeing on FACEBOOK and on the website. We have a very large talent pool involved in this line-up. Everything that I have seen from this design team has been awesome! As the line evolves, the more fascinating the characters will be. In plain words, “You ain’t seen nothing yet”

Be sure to keep your eye on WarlordsandWarriors.com for more developments on this new line!



  • Sam (aka straightedgehe-man) says:

    These look awesome, I can’t wait

  • Jason says:

    Not impressed. Look like bootlegs and not original. I can understand being a company just starting up But they need a "hook" something that would grab my attention if i was walking by their booth. i would stop look and think "meh masters ripoffs" need something to catch my attention.

    • Joey Kelly says:

      That's exactly what is cool about them, I think. They are a little cheesy, kinda generic and simple… just like the good old days. I feel like what this line is trying to accomplish is dishing out a massive dose of nostalgia. It takes being a little basic to truly capture that 80's feel. Personally, I am super stoked about the line, and I cannot think of any other toy company that is doing anything like this.

    • fball13z says:

      THey are going for that 80s motu feel. There are still a lot of fans of that classic toy style. As long as I can afford these, i will be ordering them

  • Calcifer says:

    I love them. They remind me of the grocery store figures I used to get as a kid (along with the similar wrestling figures)

    I hope they're not too expensive

  • He-Maniac says:

    I think this is a fun idea. I have to admit that I wouldn’t necessarily purchase these figures, but still a neaT concept. Better than Vykron. ;P

  • @FakeEyes22 says:

    These look really cool to me. I got to handle some unpainted preproduction pieces recently at a con and they felt really solid! I love that the arms and legs will all be easily swapped.

    Also great were the skeleton body type and the first beast: GIANT ANT! Awesome.

    And the guy I talked to, who I assume was Mike(maybe?) couldn't have been nicer or more excited about these. I'm looking forward to seeing more and wish them well with this line.

  • Bah'glenn says:

    I have a few old Remco Warrior Beasts figures so seeing someone take advantage of those forgotten molds is really cool IMO. I don’t know if I’ll be buying all of these figures, but at least Gy-Ant & a figure or two. I am curious to see what the waves after this will look like; hopefully some more monstery figures to throw into battles.

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